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Shower Enclosure

Appollo Shower enclosure: On the premise of ensuring the safety of the shower cabin and quality of life, Appollo puts forward a non-standard customized design, which can extend unlimited possibilities for the bathroom, and realize private customization. We use the original processing technology to make the glass surface of the shower cabin smoother, easy cleaning, and ensure human health and safety. We Select 6463 high-strength aviation aluminum profile and 8K mirror stainless steel material. At the same time, we have carried out safety film covering protection for the tempered glass of the shower cabin, therefore, even if you accidentally hit the tempered glass, it will not cause personal injury. Humanized design is also a highlight: the new convex spring slider design, free to install, convenient to clean, easy to disassemble and assemble. It can be customized at your pleasure, which gives you the best quality of life. Appollo offers high-quality shower door enclosures options for your bathroom. Best shower door enclosures in Appollo.

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