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Established in 1996, Appollo always adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship.


Intelligent Toilet

Intelligent toilet series. Appollo advocates perfect man-machine interaction. Adopting humanized design of press-key, Appollo's new smart toilet has the convenient and quick operation mode. When you press and hold the automatic flushing key for 3 seconds, the automatic flushing starts. When you set the automatic flushing, it will automatically flush the toilet after you leave, which reduces the trouble of pressing key. In addition, there is the warm-air with the drying function, which adopts the fuzzy control technology, and the air temperature changes with the external environment, so as to avoid supercooling or overheating in use. At the same time, our new smart toilet also has the function of anion deodorization, super cleaning, self-cleaning spout, double spout cleaner, seat heating, etc. With diversified functions, you can enjoy comfortable, warm, and convenient sanitary life.

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