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3 ㎡ luxuriant turned, between the wei yu that one will not! -

by:Appollo     2021-08-01
In family life, a lot of water for a long time space mainly in the kitchen and toilet. But people often ignores the important water place, that is the shower. Without dry wet depart of toilet, every time after taking a bath, accumulated water on the ground, easily lead to accidents, especially if the elderly or children in the home, need to focus on the security issues of toilet. A high quality shower room can not only prevent damp between wei yu, bacterial growth, can also reduce the trouble cleaning between wei yu. To this, the waterproof impermeability of shower room is one of the most important, the key determinants of this feature is the quality of the waterproof glue. Shower room for every detail has its own definition. High quality strip can easily realize the shower room and sewage leakage between the wall and door. In addition, the use of shower room hardware fittings quality is also very important. Due to long time contact with water, should be used in shower room the hardware fittings of high hardness, good corrosion resistance of materials. Due to the main components for toughened glass shower room, led to the use of spare parts demand is higher, the bearing capacity must be strong enough. Obvious effects of dry wet depart, and use the convenience of shower room, it is a good choice for small family model, compared with other ways of dry wet depart, shower room. At the same time, it is easy to use, do not take a place, and easy to clean, solve the problem of insufficient space at the same time keep the bathroom clean and dry.
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