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99% of people don't know knowledge of cold bath

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-31

Take a shower of civilization should be started from the pre-qin period, it has to do with human civilization, has a rich and unique history. The ancients put bath as a kind of etiquette, rather than daily. To take a bath in now has become a habit, and knowledge about cold bath, 99% of people may not know. 

 — About the bath culture - The concept of the ancients and to take a bath now is not the same. Bath will be broken down into four parts: including 'mu' 'bath' 'wash' bath ', '' mu' is a shampoo, 'bath' to wash the body, and 'wash' is washed their feet, 'bath' is to wash your hands, if back to ancient times, don't be confused. The ancients specifically for shower set a holiday, in the qin and han dynasties, the court every five days give officials a 'bath' off, become a 'mu'. In the tang dynasty, instead of once every 10 days rest that wash bath, be 'mu'. After the 15th century, europeans think that plague will by invading the body bath, bath is not popular in hundreds of years of time, don't wash your face, the court and society are more convincing, it is said that Louis xiv just take a shower in a year.

 — About bathing habits - Studies show that men more than women like to sing in the shower, the proportion about 3:1. Shower better listen to is not an illusion, because of poor bathroom tile sound-absorbing effect, song bring reverberation, at ordinary times the high frequency sound of singing easy to lose is preserved, song natural good listening. Skin after bath oil wash off and refraction of light, a decrease in the ability of skin and steamy with skin care effect in the bathroom, so do the dishes after bath look in the mirror, appearance levels can rise 30% 300%. 

 — Bathe small principles - Why would a bath for a long time the skin dry shrinkage wrinkle? Because the skin in the water will release the moisture in the skin, the body has sebum keep skin soft, waterproof, hands and feet of sebaceous glands keep skin soft, waterproof, hands and feet of the sebaceous glands, less so easily dried wrinkling. About three hours after bathing, sebum layer will return to its original state, wash a hot bath immediately sleep easy to suffer from insomnia, because bath rise questions will delay the brain to release 'sleep hormone. 

 — About the bath little common sense - About wash a face, perceptual skin suitable to use cold water, oily skin suitable for 38 - 40 ℃ warm water, is suitable for sensitive skin with 36 - 37 ℃ water washs a face. When showering, if the bath directly to the rate or soap in the body, it is easy to be left on the skin, the long down will hurt the skin, even skin the difficulties such as allergic condition, it is recommended to use bath shower gel or soap, use first ball hit bubble bath, add to the body. Bath is required for all day, look be like simple, actually has many aspects of knowledge, study more cold bath knowledge, can help you better bath time! Learn more bath culture, to participate in the 2019 Shanghai hutch defends, online message, get the latest product information. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website
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