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99% of people don't know, shower room that pretending to be both economical and practical

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-14
Specialize in a lot of people in the house, will be considered in the bathroom shower room to do a trough plate, then take a bath at ordinary times, not be plagued by the water on the ground. For shower room, also have the effect of a buffer, general family will buy a pull alone trough plate under loading, but the Appollo today teach you personally do a 'pull trough plate' such already save money and worry.

01, material preparing

in the first place is to prepare some material, including some of the ceramic tile, tempered glass, glass glue, cement, sand, etc.

02, then do planning

the following this case, we are still not doing the glass of shower room partition, so, you can according to the specific situation of toilet, to reasonable division of the space of shower room size, and then, after the installation of ceramic tile, some good.

3, install tile water retaining article

use ceramic tile to install water retaining of, however, with the glass glue, also can do very good water retaining effect.

we are in line, and then began to hit the glass glue, according to the original start filling line, lay the glass glue, began to ceramic tile weather bar.

installed, we began to nap, make weather bar more aesthetically pleasing.

4, and then start the installation version of ceramic tile pulled trough board

in accordance with article water retaining the original location, planning out a place running water, and then the rest of the place, good cutting ceramic tile, the shop is stuck. The groove width of about 6 cm.

in the middle of the 'pull trough board', can the be fond of according to you, make a better style, in this case, the intermediate made a brunet ceramic tile, looks more beautiful.

05, the installation of toughened glass

also can only do one side, also can have very good water retaining effect. Thus the whole 'pull trough plate' installed, although there is no real comfortable groove plate some, but also can be very good to avoid the problem of water shower room area.

if afraid of slide, we can also be chosen prevent slippery ceramic tile to spread trough plate.

? Feel like this above words, isn't it will be cheaper, better?
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