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A faucet price gap could be so big? Watching this 4 a connoisseur of you too!

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-11
Since the invention of faucet, has been closely connected with our life, brought a lot of convenience to our life, is blessings and all the people. Faucet use frequency is taller, more strict with it, so how do we choose high quality faucet?

1, look at the material of the faucet

after years of development, the material of the faucet is multifarious, common on the market are all copper and ceramic faucet, stainless steel, alloy tap tap tap, etc. By comparing: stainless steel faucet is a good choice for family use; Ceramic faucet, of course, also can be used as a selection, the promotion of high-grade bathroom temperament; If you select all copper faucet, in the use of the water faucet open half a minute before, put out the water, avoid excessive intake of lead; Don't recommend choose alloy tap.

2, and the choice of the tap handle

the faucet main control handle has a single handle and double handle, spiral, with 90 ° switch categories. According to observation, multi-purpose now is 90 ° switch of the tap, use ceramic chip seal, double handle is the updated version of faucet, moderate price, easy to open, installation is particularly useful in the bathroom; Single handle above faucet can be installed in bath crock, open for cold and hot mix water, wash dish pool or kitchen, is very convenient.

3, possess good faucet bubbler

to see a faucet is good, just to see if it bubbler. Bubbler role is to prevent water diaspora flower, make the water flow is straight, I don't know if you noticed, but some tap water playing in the hand is very soft, and the tiny bubbles, this faucet is a bubbler. If everyone is to go to the mall to buy, feelings can spot, water is soft and rich foam explain bubbler quality is better, bubbler typically six layer, good bubbler is made of high quality stainless steel wire mesh, we can see it.

4, the heart of faucet - — The selection of the valve core

valve core is the key to the control and regulation of water, we usually see it. For the faucet, the quality of the valve core is important to the evaluation of the quality of the faucet, so when the choice must careful. There are three kinds of common valve core: ceramic valve core, stainless steel ball and roller shaft valve core. When buy, choose the ceramic valve core of the faucet. Can live with your index finger, middle finger nipped gently tap the handle gently moves up and down or so, see if it did not loose, blocking the feel is flexible. If not, that feel is very good, quality of the tap valve core.

the above is to choose the faucet should pay attention to matters, faucet is small but it also controls the washing up at home, also can affect the health of the water in the home, so everyone must take seriously on the choose and buy!
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