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A modern shower room fees include? How to control? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
For homeowners, wei yu is decorated is a big deal, it's about the next 10 years or decades of living quality. A lot of people even if preliminary plan to buy what brand direction, shower room late may also have overruns, especially the matter of the cost of installation shower room, almost all people encounter first installation shower room, but I don't know where to start planning. Choose the shower room with formal manufacturers to buy, usually send a professional installation and maintenance of the master door to door for free installation. If installation shower room, in decorating a process can be installed ahead of shower room is chassis, installation shower room, again the process takes shorter and more convenient. Prior to install the shower room chassis also need not worry, can be installed along with all the chassis during installation shower room, just relatively more time consuming than pre-installed, other no difference. The installation process of shower room include: chassis test installation, testing the waters, a punch, solid aluminum, glass installation, commissioning test and other steps. The key points to note is, first, find a stiletto is accurate, fittings installed elastic adequacy, waterproof seal do affect the normal use of shower room; Second, check after installation, shower room the hardware accessories whether to use smooth clingy, found should be adjusted in time if you have any questions. Adjust after tightening the screws, corresponding to the shower room is more strong and safe. Shower room installation considerations for shower room the size of the embedded hole position, had better be in before decorating a design beforehand between wei yu is good. And wiring, electrical outlet, leakage protection switch devices shall be installed in the shower before considering good, avoid rework. After installation of shower room neat and bright appearance, sliding door between mutual parallel or perpendicular, left and right sides is symmetrical, move the door to open and close smoothly, no cracks, no water seepage, shower room and bottom pot with silica gel seal packing.
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