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After the 80 chase high wind business is committed to improve the ratio of wei yu decorate thrift

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-13
As environmental protection concept into their heart, the rise of a frugal decorate agitation. Is not only the appearance of the product that defend bath to more concise and lively, the product function design is becoming more and more simple, and businesses that defend bath is fit consumers of this kind of psychology, have launched a series of 'frugal' type product package.

80 advocate thrift wei yu is decorated after wind

wei yu is decorated is an important part of the household is decorated, also a high cost. Bathroom decoration design and construction of the more complex, all sorts of function space and shape are, the more the greater the corresponding quantities, materials used in the more, the higher the cost. In the context of the economic environment is bad, since this year the New Year, a 'thrifty' decorate after becoming a 80 youth chase high style that bath decorates.

consumer lee said, his friends a lot are decorating new home over the last two years. Everyone has a consensus, that is not blindly pursuit of luxury, but with contracted for fundamental key, to build a home contracted aesthetic feeling of emptiness. By the designer's some are better than wisdom and skill and improve the grade and space of the bedroom. The advantage is that it can reduce costs, greatly reduce the waste of materials.

the same frugal, ms shen thinks that is an outfit, to advocate the new austerity, on the bathroom decorate need owners and designers to cooperate, rational layout of space, make sanitary ware the great utility.

in the end that defend bath promotions on

the reporter understands, the favourable activity with many brand sanitary ware enterprises, domestic outfit company is 'attractive'. A relevant person in charge of wei yu said: 'for most businesses, spring is the season for sanitary ware market, a lot of domestic outfit company, want to fight for the small peak season at the sales. 'Said more sanitary ware brand marketing personnel, as each year's new product to come out until after the second quarter, old product low processing was also focused on this time, so for consumers, it is a good time to bottom, so the discount sales activities and clear up the situation will continue to April.

the personage inside course of study tells a reporter, because the end of this year the price sanitary consumption demand more rigidity, so on the main products are concentrated in the end of the product that defend bath, promotions of high-end bathroom products won't have too big change compared to last year.

a bath mall staff said: 'every year in March and April, sanitary ware sales there will be a little high. This spring is expected to have a bath the growth that decorate, then we will prepare some corresponding promotion. '

the personage inside course of study says,' though the sanitary ware enterprise promotion content basic or discount, gifts to attract customers order, but this year's the discount is not too low, brand sanitary ware company did not want to fall in the price wars with competitors, because customers pay more attention to cost performance. Current consumption will also be transparent sanitary ware the big trend of market development. Understand consumption and increasing the items will be refused to defend bath company efforts in the direction of this year. Control the price rise in a reasonable range, let consumers understand consumption. ”
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