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Appollo: star product together into battle, fun in the summer heat.

Appollo: star product together into battle, fun in the summer heat.


Summer heat hits, Appollo bath tub, shower, shower products and other stars together into battle, to bring you a different cool summer enjoyment.


Summer heat hits, accompanied by everyone every day, except for the hard work, which is the hot "scorching" weather; ice water, hiding in air-conditioned rooms are inadequate to cope with anxiety and exhaustion it brings. Appollo invites you to cool off for a summer, enjoy the sweltering heat, isolate the complicated things from the bathroom, free yourself, and enjoy the refreshing moment!After a busy day, bubble baths and showers are not only effective in relieving fatigue, but also a good way to combat the heat.Appollo bathtubs, shower rooms, showers and other star products are on the battlefield, bringing you a different summer cool enjoyment.

Appollo star product suite

Appollo Magic of jet Jacuzzi bath, are exhibited and attended by exhibitors in favor of the "ISH 2017 ", "Kitchen & Bath China."

Jacuzzi 360 ° rotating massage head massage to strengthen the rangethe intensity of the hydrotherapy is more in line with ergonomics, and the light wave therapy greatly relaxes the tight nerves,with the addition of high permeability glass exterior of modern features look great, refreshing massage summer must! 

Appollo Magic Spray Jacuzzi AT-9019


There is still a big difference between whether an indoor bathroom has a shower room or not. A house without a shower room tends to get wet and damp, while a house with a shower room is drier and the living life will grow .Appollo shower room, selected high-quality raw materials, ingenious casting;Excellence in detail, aspects of color sense, brightness, texture and other very elegant surface;Appollo shower every boutique advent of a unified fashion is perfect texture and aesthetics of the home.This summer, treat your hard-working family,Is it good to customize a shower room for your family?

Appollo ensuite shower room TS-7008Y

  Summer showers cool as a device, it is essential for every household sanitary items, It has become a relaxing and decompressing lifestyle to return to the house for a hard day and change into house clothes.The Appollo shower head adopts novel technology, the air injection function effectively saves water, and the self-cleaning technology inhibits the growth of bacteria, creating a clean and pure shower space for you.Let you be as quiet and refreshing as a rainforest every day.

Appollo bathroom shower AS-8007A


Appollo bath, fun summer days,the way it casual.More sanitary Appollo artifacts go to the local sanitary flagship store experience!


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