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Article waterproof shower room is how to calculate? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-26
Weather bar is usually on the inside of the toilet, is the inside of the water, can't permeates outside, which is usually called 'dry, wet separation'; Is for the whole toilet and waterproof. You should do is to put the toilet waterproof well, solid! As long as the inside of the toilet water, not to infiltrate other ( Next door) The room. Do waterproof inside toilet, should be ground and metope at the same time. The height of the brush waterproof coating on metope, have a shower, near the faucet on the metope of the waterproof layer height, should be not less than 1. 8 meters, the height of the waterproof layer elsewhere, shall be not less than 30 cm, generally need to besmear to brush at least twice. Waterproof coating should choose cement base, the advantages of this kind of cement based waterproof coating, is the ability to cement base surface and good performance, then on the surface of the waterproof coating with ceramic tile, general won't have a shell, fall off. As to the problem of installation of glass partition, the bottom of the glass, or do a grassroots ( You can also use a available marble, floor tile) As well. Because, the ground of toilet is not level. If the glass is installed on the floor tile directly to the glass and the gaps between the surface of floor tile, some years small affect beautiful.
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