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Avoid shower room, splashed water phenomenon, must pay attention to these details - during installation

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-19
Many friend home choose shower room, because of its function of dry wet depart, to a certain extent, can effectively guarantee the bathroom clean. But in use process, some junior partner will be found, splashed some shower room will have a problem, the problem may actually some attention when installation, can be effectively avoided. Small make up a look at today, should be how to splash water shower room? To do well the waterproof of shower room, the first is the need to choose a suitable waterproof material, the second is the need to have standard waterproof construction, so that you can guarantee good waterproof effect. Shower room is to belong to solid part of the building structure, at the same time many tiny pipe to come into contact with the water for a long time, so is relative taller to the requirement of waterproof, shower room is the easiest ooze water part is focused on the Angle of Yin and Yang, wear pipe, sanitary ware, floor drain areas such as the surrounding, so it is recommended to use when doing waterproof hutch defends waterproof coating, use quick-setting type repair mortar first easy leakage repair to strengthen, and then made waterproof mixture permanent type waterproof coating as a whole, which specifically dedicated waterproof material effect must be better than the general material. As for the ground is all need to do waterproof construction shower, metope to do at least 1. 8 meters, suggest doing full high, if is a lightweight wall then must do full high. After the cut to the original floor tile, cement mortar leveling the ground, must be used first and then do waterproof processing. This can avoid the leakage caused by uneven waterproof coating. Second, juncture place to besmear to brush in the bathroom wall and ground between joints and seams of fluctuation water pipeline and ground, is the place where the most prone to problems. Must supervise the decoration workers to deal with these fringes, all waterproof coating must apply the & # 8221; In place & # 8221; 。 Three, metope processing is also very important in general toilet waterproof processing, metope also should make waterproof coating, about 30 centimeters high, to prevent the water spread through walls. But if the metope of toilet is bearing the light wall, will the whole metope besmear with waterproof coating. If you use two type of shower panel, connecting two sides wall will be covered. If you use bath crock, and bath crock the adjacent walls. The height of the waterproof coating is higher than the tub on some. Four, waterproof experiment is indispensable in the bathroom after the completion of construction, will all the water block of toilet, and build by laying bricks or stones at the door a 25 cm high & # 8221; The & # 8221; In toilet, and then the water into 20 cm high. After 24 hours, check all around metope and ground have leakage phenomenon. The waterproof test, 24 hours is the key to ensure the quality of toilet waterproof engineering. Five, keep the water flow all the water pipe in the bathroom, including floor drain, sanitary ware plumbing, etc. Should keep unobstructed.
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