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Can open bath shop to make money, how to seize market opportunities!

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-24
For many people, a good investment project became the top priority of the entrepreneurs, then doing sanitary ware industry can earn money? Sanitary ware shop can make money? The wei yu that followed Appollo below the cobwebs together analyze the market prospect.

lower-tier cities into a blue ocean market

sanitary ware as household supplies, with the improvement of the overall level of the residents, under the speed up of urbanization and new rural construction market is increasing. Originally, ceramic tile, sanitary ware products in 2 of 3 class market share is low, the market development is bound to greatly promote the development of ceramic tile industry. Ceramic tile to the countryside has and household appliances, automobiles, become a new fashion, the country's 'western development', 'the new rural construction' policy is to provide a big boost. Visible, China's ceramic tile sanitary ware market in second - and third-tier cities has a great development opportunity and potential.

'to stock' new development period

the national housing policy 'to stock', the property market in good condition, across the country appeared a lot of buying climax. This side also suggests that costume market expanding, sanitary ware industry a new development opportunity. Domestic urbanization accelerating, the town's rapid economic development, housing completed batch delivery, and the living standards of urban residents and spending power is also rapidly increasing, is expected to the ceramic tile of domestic second level 3 or even 4 city sanitary ware market will usher in a golden age of development. Sanitary ware enterprises to develop a more perfect system of marketing channel.

sanitary ware market linear growth model

according to the study, found that over the next few years the global metal sanitary ware market will grow 5. 4%; After 2007 to 2014 in eight years growth. The rate of 2%. At present, the face basin of stainless steel and occupied the main market share, sink to 32. 2%; They also include stainless steel and iron bath crock of 6. 6%, and other stainless steel sanitary ware products and iron 38. 4%; Bronze ware, 17. And 7% aluminum currently large metal ware market is mainly in the world: Australia, China, Germany, Italy and the United States. However, in the next few years is expected to grow stronger countries around 16 in Bolivia. 8%, 16 in Bangladesh. 4%, Jordan 14. 8 6%, Vietnam. 6% and 8 in China. 1%.

sanitary ware industry market research and analysis report predicts that from 2015 to 2018, the global metal ware market demand will grow 5. 4%, respectively, including China, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Jordan, and is considered to be the next few years may increase the United States.

after 20 years of development, China has become the world's largest producer of sanitary ware products especially ceramic tile ware has developed rapidly, forming a batch of influential national brand ceramic tile. Globalization of economy system for China's sanitary ware provides a good market opportunity, is conducive to the development of China's sanitary ware in the global sanitary ware and competition.

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