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Ceramic tile between bath maintenance tips, kept it

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-09
In contemporary household, we will choose ceramic tile as metope, stick to spread between wei yu. So the question comes, how to clean daily to keep consistent between sanitary ware bright beautiful beautiful? 4 for fix it for you!

1 tile anti-seepage anti-mold method

the ceramic tile between bath to clean, can use muti_function decontamination creams gaps can dip in with the brush a few decontamination creams after descaling, brush a waterproof agent with brush again, already can seepage control, and can prevent mould to grow.

2 smart wipe glass

in the light of the mirrors and Windows will be long-term close contact with water and cheat watermark, become confused. Available after spray glass cleaner clean with dry cloth to wipe it again.

3 toilets for whitening mask

inside in the toilet first appointment with 5 ~ 10 ml of the acid cleaner or salt, evenly coated with the brush wash, if dirt is heavier, can pour flush again after a few cleaner.

4 ceramic light like new

clean who can also be used white vinegar and lemon peel. Dirt on the surface of the wipe clean first, then with a soft cloth dipped in vinegar or wipe with lemon peel, can make the clean light like new.
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