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Challenges can immerse solid wood bathroom cabinet, integral sanitary ware that moistureproof limit!

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-19

In damp bathroom, many consumers will worry about the bathroom ark mildewy, craze, it also become a consumer quality factor should consider when the choose and buy bathroom cabinet. Appollo high-end whole sanitary ware do the real experiment, the bathroom ark immerse in tank filled with water, and a small goldfish in the cylinder, the experimental results show that the bathroom cabinet is in good condition for a long time, small goldfish swim with vigor, fully shows the Appollo bathroom ark super moistureproof and non-toxic environmental quality. In the bathroom industry competition today, user-centered product thinking is more and more important. Appollo high-end whole sanitary ware the abstract moistureproof and environmental performance, through the real objective of soaking experiment shows to consumers, vividly reduction product value, not only provide consumers with better products experience, also the most powerful for Appollo product quality certificate.

 Toilet environment humidity, and water immersion is definitely will damp environment limits, Appollo bathroom ark withstand water soak for a long period of time, more can adapt to the wet toilet environment. By a simple experiment, showing the Appollo bathroom ark moistureproof and environmental performance, in the consumers' mind set up the quality standard. 

 Appollo bathroom ark are able to withstand the water soak, but also from the source of raw materials and production process. Appollo imported high-quality multi-layer solid wood bathroom ark, specially cross bonding and high temperature and high pressure, plank has advantages of excellent moistureproof and no crack. From the original plate to the finished product, Appollo pass 13 balance drying, degreasing process, 128 cold pressing, hot pressing, and curing process, make the bathroom ark in the humid environment is not moldy, not deformation, not cracking. In fact, the Appollo high-end whole sanitary ware will & other; User-centered & throughout;

 Thought would have been applied to the whole product series, including toilet, ceramic POTS, hardware, bathtub, shower room, shower shower, etc.  The development of the whole sanitary ware and the user experience. Has four modern professional production base, with the spirit of craftsman in 17 years driving China's sanitary ware manufacturing upgrade, hutch defends exhibition in Shanghai, guangzhou and other international building expo show establish China sanitary quality image. With excellent product quality, good user experience, including the Appollo high-end integral sanitary ware that nine sales branches, more than 30 plants retail stores, hundreds of joining stores nationwide sales and service outlets throughout the country. Guide consumption upgrade, with quality of continued ascension, Appollo example for high-end sanitary ware industry. 

 And in the coming 3. 15 activities, Appollo high-end integrated bathroom hundreds of stores linkage promotion, will show the national consumer Appollo's leading product quality and service quality. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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