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Choose shower or bathtub? This problem can solve the - finally

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-21
In general to a general area, is not big, but a lot of people who want to do dry wet depart. In separating brand shower room after the installation, the whole bathroom basic occupied most of the space, because must keep health, clean toilet, will only make the situation look less messy. It is suggested that using the shower curtain instead of shower room, some more, because the shower curtain material is relatively light, wet sometimes shower bath shade, on the user's body, poor experience, especially in winter, the shower curtain to gather steam, heat preservation effect is poorer. Plan to install the shower curtain in the home user, need to first understand the shower curtain in shower happens in their case, for example, in the shower, the shower curtain is likely to stick in the body, give a person a kind of wet, dirty feeling. Second, shower curtain is very difficult to make bathroom absolutely dry wet partition, always some water will cross the border, splashing outward. It is worth mentioning that the shower curtain due to material problems, affected by the moisture for a long time are easier to mold, so the installation of the shower curtain users the best over a period of time after the replacement. Although the shower room at the beginning of the installation will take some effort, but the function of shower room is relatively good shower curtain. Not only that, but it also separate shower area, optimize the wet partition, more reasonable use of wei yu space layout. The function of dry wet depart of shower room, shower room's greatest functions. Second, people usually need to comfortable shower room, to stimulate the body to release the pressure of tension after work every day, such as alternating hot and cold stimulation, the impact of the high-speed intermittent flow and continuous stimulation shower, dry steam shower and climate warming, reach capillaries expansion and contraction of blood vessels, strengthen body and eliminate fatigue. Due to the wide application of gas water heater, generally good ventilation requirements, bathroom and shower room can effectively prevent the cold air, the body of the hot steam to form a small shower space, thus play a role of keeping temperature, in addition to the powerful functions, its adornment effect is quite good, also a beautiful set of shower room can make whole bathroom more harmonious style, have very good decorative effect, highlight the owner's personality and distinctive taste.
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