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Collection right away! Learn how to identify quality - shower room

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-17
Small family toilet, want to achieve between wei yu the space distribution is not a problem, only need to distinguish between good shower area and health area. Divide the space is not only suitable for small family toilet, at the same time can also be applied to large family advocate lie toilet. The area is small, but it can also realize the dry wet depart, make the toilet of comfort, but the quality of shower room is directly affect the quality of life, their main difference is that the material, product design, waterproof performance, etc. The first thing to observe whether there are 3 c compulsory certification and toughened glass. To observe whether the glass is transparent, whether to have bubbles, impurities. When selecting a material, it is necessary to pay attention to the thickness of the glass shower room, also pay attention to the thickness of aluminum. High gloss impurity profile is relatively low. At the same time, check whether there is framework aluminum burr, burr that profile of materials may be soft, there is a risk of deformation. Hardware accessories due to surface plating or polishing, conceal the true nature of the material, consumers should pay attention to understanding, 304 stainless steel in a wide range of metal material on the market performance is the best, its hardness is much higher than copper, zinc, gold, plastic and other materials, and 304 stainless steel material itself with super anti-corrosion properties, surface polishing treatment, the surface is bright and corrosion resistance, surface can keep for a long time. A set of sealing performance of shower room should be in glass and glass links is the organ shape strip or dislocation strip processing; Profile should have free glue strip design relies on a wall, glass wall there should be a bubble strip design; Contact with the material of glass place should have protection of the strip. In the choice of the handle chose high strength, strong corrosion resistance of the material. At present main 304 stainless steel polishing joystick and copper. Plating processing, zinc alloy plating processing, plastic plating processing, 304 of the best stainless steel polishing processing. A good product not only material is qualitative good, shower room and in the design process is indispensable. There must be at least a stable orbit design, prevent derailment, no glue, adjustable design, pulleys, etc. Highly practical design, not only appearance beautiful, and long service life, safety, low failure rate.
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