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Consumption upgrade sanitary ware joining stores should be how to serve modern life

by:Appollo bath     2020-07-31

When material level enough to meet daily needs, people begin to learn to experience & other; Enjoy the type & throughout; A life, daily consumption by & other; For the product and consumption & throughout; , upgraded to & other; For the life and consumption & throughout; 

 In the past, people buy sanitary ware because need to decorate a toilet in the home, and now people's idea is, what I want to have a life, so I need to buy a product to build this kind of life. Appollo high-end whole sanitary ware feel this kind of consumption upgrade, the arrival of the product homogeneity under open up a new terminal store marketing. Not only show the product, but also convey the lifestyle in numerous brands want to get the favour of consumer and identity, is not so simple. Especially in the product defending bath of highly homogenized terminal stores, consumers more expectations in the shopping experience the fun of life. Such as coffee consumers don't just want to drink a cup of coffee, more is to become a part of the way of life. Appollo is sanitary ware, the terminal stores management products and culture synchronized, store is not only an important display products, but also convey a way of life. Appollo bathroom around & other; Leading the gold life & throughout; The core brand culture, design and product by contracted decorous displays display & other; Gold throughout life &; And high-end consumer groups, achieved in recent years the performance of 200 & amp; Growth. When the products displayed in life, the magic of cultural value. 

 Gamble is more and more & other; Lazy & throughout; Consumers for modern life in the big city, where the traffic, is constantly busy every day. So many consumers in life's basic principle is: can & other; Lazy & throughout; The & other; Lazy & throughout; 。 Appollo for sanitary ware & other; Lazy & throughout; Experience with products designed for the displays, advocating the wysiwyg experiential consumption. Through the soft outfit product life scenes, consumers don't need to think too much, shop see, is the home of the actual use can achieve. 

 Marketing experience is to work not only stores the Appollo services also make each customer & other; Lazy & throughout; , including on-site measurement, design collocation, delivery, installation, cleaning and maintenance. From display products to upgrade to the five sense experience sanitary stores as terminal channel of direct contact with consumers, its action has products on display is not that simple, comprehensive multi-dimensional experience more and more attention. Appollo high-end integrated bathroom upgraded the terminal shop focuses on the five consumer experience, from the vision, touch, hearing, smell, taste, let each into the shop, the consumer products and brands can be all-round, multi-dimensional, experience, and enhance the core competitiveness of the brand. In the PC Internet age, the entity shop taobao, jingdong leather life, now in the era of mobile Internet, under the return wave of the real economy, physical retailers have to counter attack. Consumer upgrades, sanitary ware storefront transform and upgrade to keep up with the change of consumption patterns, will have better development in the future. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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