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Contracted furniture design, between wei yu more let a person shine at the moment!

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-01
Material temptation, let a person easy to get lost in the dark of lights, bright lights echo decadent voa, run counter to the simple life. Home style, outstanding displays, contemporary and contracted wind alone don't have different; Change numerous for brief, the pursuit of simple sense, let the life become simple and easy. Contracted sitting room, the sitting room is the heart of a home, to a certain extent, highlights the master grade, pay attention to practical and simple on display, without too much things to embellish it, the display of simple and full of simple sense of color, let a sitting room more show taste and connotation.

contemporary and contracted the kitchen, the kitchen is the birthplace of the food, on the design of the kitchen, the pursuit of simple and powerful do not waste each inches of space, reasonable planning to receive ambry, let the life become more simple, let a space become more valuable.

contemporary and contracted a bedroom, the bedroom is a place where our beds and blundering society, insomnia, became a hot topic in the hustle and bustle of life, work, learn a variety of, let a person like the night, more and more serious lack of sleep, contracted wind chasing his natural sleep space now.

contemporary and contracted toilet, toilet is under our wash gargle, contemporary and contracted wind of the toilet, it is the Gospel of simple furnishings, office worker reasonable spatial planning, and make use of toilet is more efficient, early in the morning wash gargle, process clear and simple, let time will no longer be in a hurry.

a good bathroom ark on the details of the design is very attentively points, the sanitary ware that Appollo bathroom cabinet using the consummate craft, contracted design appearance and interior with the same processing, truly inside out. Appollo defending bath of new technology, high quality products to build a strong brand, outstanding design team and production team to create taste the honourable, secure and comfortable, contracted and not simple individual character space.
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