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Counting hutch defends those powerful hardware, make square cube!

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-01
In modern life, hardware with a lot of it is the kitchen and toilet, with the increase of life demand, more and more things in the kitchen, so how do you keep the small space makes full use of the kitchen, all the articles for daily use to receive and tidy, hardware accessories without!

what hutch defends hardware classification -- Pendant

1, the sanitary ware that Appollo compartment and tray

compartment and tray is a good helper of our drawer, it will have to put things in place, and there is very detailed function, part is divided into a knife and fork tray, tableware tray, tool tray, convenient order is received, no longer afraid of couldn't find the things I need.

2, hutch defends the sanitary ware that Appollo shelf

hutch defends a lot of goods shelf can be placed, suitable for all kinds of kitchen, exquisite steel touch, smooth cutting line, get rid of the costly definition, fresh insight in the simplicity, less a monotonous, more than a feeling.

3, bathroom cabinet storage of Appollo

according to the size of the kitchen and space, the custom of multilayer cabinet storage units, each layer of different creature, not only can give POTS in the kitchen to find home, neat pattern also can constitute a sense of decoration. Let no longer clutter in the kitchen.
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