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Custom rock plate bathroom ark, choose the custom

by:Appollo bath     2020-07-29

Rock plate bathroom ark custom popular with consumers in recent years, the rock plate as a new material, the application in the bathroom ark more high-end fashion. Since 2018, the appollo sanitary ware will import rock plate in the bathroom ark custom, beat into custom rock plate bathroom ark era. Rock plate bathroom ark custom, appollo sanitary ware is key to launch a new product line, therefore invested heavily to build, using imported rock plate, quality feeling stronger fashionable feeling. 

Application of rock plate in bathroom cabinet, including the rock plate bathroom cabinet mesa, half BaoYan board bathroom ark, turnkey one-piece rock plate bathroom ark, to the design of the differentiation, diverse styles, meet the needs of different people. Rock plate as a kind of decoration materials, used in bathroom ark custom, work is a very important factor. appollo custom rock plate bathroom ark, every edge grinding, chamfering every place, all meticulously, seiko spy, represents the level of industry at present. Whether Shanghai hutch defends exhibition, guangzhou fair, guangzhou design week, appollo sanitary bathroom ark custom rock plate, are subject to high reputation in the industry, the quality and style of the bathroom ark of rock plate design. 

Custom rock plate bathroom ark, what are the advantages? Withstand scraping: rock plate mohs hardness to level 6, with the blade in the bathroom ark scratching on the surface of rock plate, have no trace, don't worry be scratched. Tolerance for dirty: high temperature ceramic bibulous rate is lower than 0. 5%, and the bibulous rate of rock plate below zero. 02%, thus the fouling resistance of rock plate were stronger than ceramic. Brave the hot: rock plate are made at high temperatures, can absorb heat, in the high temperature burning does not change color, do not smoke, do not release harmful substances. 

Healthy environmental protection: rock plate is made of natural raw material with special process, healthy environmental protection, to achieve food grade material, in addition to use in the bathroom ark, can also be used to make kitchen utensils and appliances, direct contact with food. Beautiful decoration: rock plate has a unique natural texture, delicate texture, custom rock plate bathroom ark, greatly promoted the modern bathroom decorative aesthetic feeling. Custom rock plate bathroom ark, choice ark of bathroom of appollo rock plate manufacturers, online message, welcome to ask us for detailed information. Want to learn more about appollo contents that defend bath, open the appollo's official website
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