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Custom that defend bath is not only a kind of mode of production is a kind of thinking by the user

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-08

Customization, already is a hot word sanitary ware industry in 2017. Custom wei yu in the personalized consumption driven, occupy the market share is more and more big. , after all, is a traditional manufacturing industry, however, want to play the custom is not so easy. At present, the sanitary ware that can provide customized enterprise, must meet this several conditions: 

1, flexible production mode. Accustomed to mass production methods, sanitary ware enterprises to truly make custom early is not a day can finish. Flexible, flexible mode of production, it is necessary for custom that defend bath, the worker process, design capability, production equipment is very big test. Sanitary ware explored in this regard, appollo 8 years, compared to the fledgling custom enterprise, has matured a lot. 

2, efficient and smooth order process. Custom is one-on-one service to consumer, then from the consumer demand, to place an order, organize production, quality control, logistic delivery, door-to-door installation must join in place, can't appear in any link. 

3, improve the terminal services. Customization of the whole closed loop start and end are in terminal stores, consumer demand to terminal stores to understand, to help customers design customized solutions, demand is accurate expression, size precision, is a key to custom. Terminal custom products also need to provide stores the door installation, after-sales service, these require sanitary ware brand has perfect terminal services. Custom was proposed according to the appollo high-end sanitary ware brands, consumers have custom demand, can according to individual consumers demand & independently of other Full custom & throughout; , it can also be on the basis of the existing products & other; Micro custom & throughout; 。

 “ Full custom & throughout; Including the plate, color, shape and accessories, completely according to individual consumers demand customization, & other; Micro custom & throughout; Is on the basis of existing products to local custom, such as size, color is different. appollo with nearly 10 years through the flexible customization system, let everybody can enjoy the custom that defend bath, get stronger competitiveness in the market. In addition, the custom that defend bath is one of the best ways to understand consumer demand changes, through custom can interact between brands and consumers, consumers will tell the brand more sanitary requirements, product research and development is conducive to appollo and service improvement. During the appollo was established at the beginning of the sanitary ware, did not attract, but first in the country set up branch and retail stores, its purpose is to direct consumer demand, in-depth market brand building connection with consumers. Today, appollo has nine national sales branches, more than 30 retail stores, the brand is not only on the custom, on all product research and development more accurate grasp the consumer demand, to avoid invalid product development, enhance the competitiveness of their products, greatly promoted the development of the appollo sanitary ware brand. The advent of the era of custom, also brings an obvious consumption change. 

Consumer wants is not a new Chinese style, but a kind to return uncut jade to put in lifestyle, consumers buy european-style furniture, actually want to is a resplendent and magnificent feeling. That is to say, the custom to consumers is not only the product style, but also conforms to the personalized requirements of each customer, including personal interest, values, lifestyles, and so on. 

As the appollo launch series of new products, new Chinese style is more embodied the essence of Chinese culture, passed to give up affectation, the plain natural, quiet zhiyuan, way of life, to enjoy Chinese consumers reveal a kind of attitude to life. appollo customized for consumers, not only is the perfect product quality, and spiritual identity. appollo high-end integrated bathroom with 8 years precipitation in custom, understand the custom is to make the user experience, custom thinking is also a kind of thinking by the user. Custom is not follow suit, but need to change the way of production, brand value has increased, in-depth study of consumer demand, this is the real meaning of custom. According to the custom of thinking, inspire brand innovation vitality, promote the differentiation of the product, develop a broader market space. Want to learn more about appollo contents that defend bath, open the appollo's official website
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