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Customer said, your home is nice is a bit expensive, other people and you about, half price!

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-25
Often listen to customers, said his family's wei yu and your family the same, why your so expensive? In fact, I want to say, you only see the same appearance, but I did not see the nature of the product.

two mistaken now customers: talk to high-end product prices;

is the same shape content can be the same? One is art! One is a rascal!

a, what is the regular brand

characteristics of regular brand

a, formal factories and sanitary ware production line

as a formal sanitary ware factory in the first place to have a formal factory and specification of sanitary ware production line, this is the first condition of as a formal sanitary ware factory.

2, formal trademark

trademark that is associated with the enterprise, has the identity of the story, and the brand, like id card, recorded the honor and reputation of the brand.

3, high quality products

to meticulous products, factory products strict quality inspection checks before, won't make any unqualified products into the market, and product workmanship and configurations are strictly controlled, will firmly believe that good product must have a big market, not in quality HeiBang often see them.

the four core technology,

formal enterprises in the product, most of the normal company has its own core technology, and do not copy other brand.

5, integrity, responsibility,

once because of product quality accidents, companies don't push to take off, will go all out to make up for the loss of consumers and rapid improvement, buy regular brand is also a guarantee.

2, what is the inferior brand chip?

the core product, no only fake

imitation regular brand products of science and technology, etc. , for research and development, mould and test cost is very big, so the fastest imitation is the best way to make money, so this is also called the great speed.

2, high product quality inferior insecurity

as the market is very low end more channels, so the product configuration is also very low, even is unqualified, such as toughened glass temperature is not up to standard, unreasonable structure of product design, and cause explosions, blowout, spontaneous combustion, and many other serious security hidden danger, so you couldn't buy such product to find your money.

3, qualification is not sound, and even illegal production

search on the news, many law enforcement ShengChanDe sanitary ware the Ministry of Commerce and industry, found some vendors even no business license, more for mill factory, the certification, not to mention the illegal production.

3, regular brand, and the difference between a less known and inferior brand?

the difference between a, raw materials and accessories

brand sanitary ware and less known and inferior brand sanitary ware products used by different materials and components.

the sanitary ware that is too cheap, most have quality problem:

too cheap toilet rollover, explosion layer;

too cheap toughened glass shower room burst cut the heel event happens is always difficult to rights protection;

too cheap faucet lead poisoning, affect the growth of the next generation of health;

too cheap bathroom ark of wooden sticks and plug of cement, the real ones.

2, quality testing is not the same as
brand sanitary ware manufacturer to product meticulous, before delivery will be strict quality testing, won't make any unqualified products into the market. And less known and inferior brand sanitary ware manufacturer to product quality requirement is very low, they can only focus on their product how to use the lowest cost to create the highest profit.

3, after-sales service is not the same as

brand sanitary ware, strength is big, all over the country have store, once appear, problem can always find the brand manufacturer accountability. And less known and inferior brand stores may today in wei yu, would not be in the next month, said, the impulse buying, at home, the cold wind blows will awake, go back to the theory of no one!

after watching these, don't say Appollo defending bath of you!
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