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Embedded cloakroom, should how to plan and use?

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-18

Modern urbanite have quality household life pursuit, is every girl dreams of independent cloakroom, it can be used to solve the problem of return after each crazy shopping clothes, therefore cloakroom is gradually becoming an integral part of every family. Cloakroom is generally divided into the open, independent type, embedded, enter type four.

 Today we focus on the design of the embedded cloakroom to Apollo, see what embedded cloakroom should be how to plan and use, to meet the needs of the user? U & amp; L U - pattern L the pattern embedded cloakroom conservation area, easy to clean, generally in more than 4 ㎡. Do much more on the spatial pattern of Apollo is U and L. Bring U type cloakroom is fit in with the abundant space can use U design, all can put clothes, to maximize the space of whole cloakroom, and is conducive to the men and women, adults and children's clothing category partition. Bring the L type cloakroom will appear more wide in the field of vision, with a custom more advantages compared with U. But it won't take up much space of the bedroom, on the wall and custom, to receive a space more powerful. Functional zoning the Functional partition in order to improve the utilization rate of locker room, going to do in the internal structure of the planning of various Functional partition, Apollo followed 'from', 'regularly finishing' design concept. 

According to user requirements designed suspension, stacked area, sundry and bedding, and need to follow the following three principles. Bring the suspension > stacked area in either cloakroom, clothes hanging area must be more than stacked area. Fold the clothes will increase the difficulty of search, every time out have strips folds; Generally choose to do hanging in the quarter, looking for convenient and reduce the time of the ironing. And the suspension selection in the center position of the chest, partition commonly set at the top or bottom. Bring Drawer in the middle Drawer in the middle if you plan to decorate in the embedded cloakroom Drawer, the ideal height is 90 - from the ground 110 cm in the middle of the position. 

 Put accessories with push-pull drawer slides, collocation, use be clear at a glance. Bring up pants wearing Trousers hanger hanging Trousers rack is wardrobe for suits, Trousers, neckties, some is not easy to fold clothes wardrobe designed to receive. Mainly to facilitate access to clothing, avoid because of frequent ironing trousers for damage, at the same time increase the deposit amount of pants, guarantee the trousers for smooth and beautiful. Embedded cloakroom itself has the advantages of good dustproof, storage space is full, if mastering this wardrobe function planning, you won't mess up the cloakroom. Want to learn more about Apollo contents that defend bath, open the Apollo sanitary ware's official website

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