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Embedded waterproof shower room, dry wet depart on it -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-26
Build a small bathroom toilet already is nothing new, but in order to ensure the comfort of life at ordinary times, many people in the bathroom or shower room, are used the design of dry wet depart, do the shower bath area will not let water vapour spread out, every time I wash bath, the other area of toilet still is very dry. But when we decorate the bathroom, may ignore the embedded waterproof shower room, want to know the shower room embedded waterproof is a good material to prevent sewer overflows, and the overall price is not high, today small make up take you know about the shower room embedded waterproof of the benefits. You know, we decorate, use a few years, maintenance frequency is higher in the toilet is the shower area, and many are shower partition the lower part of the water seepage problems. Actually these conditions is no process in place at the beginning of decorate a design problems, and even a lot of people when doing the design, I don't know there are shower room is embedded in the article waterproof, lots of people are after the shop is stuck good toilet ground material, directly installed on the glass of shower room partition, partition or other material and in pursuit of the speed of construction, in the bottom of shower room partition area, is directly use the glass glue or white cement and other materials for bonding. These materials, after processing, in a short period of time can normal use, but as the glass glue or the increase of the use time of white cement, may we normally use for several years, the connection of aging or damaged area began to happen, after every shower wash, found the sewage flow to other areas of the toilet also is very normal. And maintenance of this kind of circumstance also is more troublesome, want to know what white cement and glass glue curing is need a certain amount of time, you should guarantee the overall situation of dry, so going to suspend the use of shower room. So we are in the toilet decorate a design, it needs one pace reachs the designated position, installed directly embedded waterproof shower room, so that it can effectively prevent the later use process, water seepage, leakage, and beautiful degree of the whole is better than use glass glue, white cement some. We dry wet depart toilet also is not only depend on the weather bar with partition can be completed, the slope must be reasonable planning of shower room, can't do is too slow, or in the water slowly, even if we use after a period of time, water also is likely to remain on the ground, the air inside toilet also may produce adverse effect.
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