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【 】 Environmental protection greater scrutiny sanitary ware market space; Price is around the corner what are you waiting for! !

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-12
Since environmental protection supervision and inspection of environmental protection gradually implement 16 provinces supervision, accountability, more than 6400 people. Environmental punishment swept across the country, if the first year of 2016 is the environmental policy, in the outbreak of 2017 is the environmental policy, so 2018 will be environmental policy implementation. In 2018, will be implemented according to the more stringent regulations for environmental protection.

dozens of small businesses less known and inferior brand manufacturers 'messy' industrial companies have stopped factory closed, the integration of relocation, the rectification promotion methods such as classification regulation.

no comparison, no harm to

Appollo sanitary ware for environmental protection, intelligent concept, creating more energy efficient, healthy product that defend bath, let consumers see comfort with the rest assured.

for the whole circle that defend bath, unexpected environmental storm is not fine, already stopped their production so simple, it has deeply influenced, even local changed the sanitary ware industry situation and long-term trends.

increasingly strict environmental protection, quality, safety, law enforcement, is the ending of the entity enterprise low violation cost time. This specification will periodically push up the production cost of the whole bathroom industry, intelligent, environmental protection, it is imperative to increase.

enter in May, rising raw material, sanitary ware, gains all the cartons and stainless steel.

32 carton enterprise next 4 days' price increase letter '

the finished paper market set off a gigantic boom, east China, south China, north China area such as a large number of paper mills have rise in price, including white board paper, corrugated paper and corrugated board paper paper kind of price increase. , CCTV reported from May 1 to May 4 just four days of time, the country has 32 paper mills have announced price increases, corrugated paper compared early rising more than 11%.

logistics cost increasing

the logistics cost has been increased, the cost increase means that rise in price, the prices of raw materials and artificial cost increase, the increase in the transportation cost, let the enterprise bear the greater pressure, also can only increase the price!

stainless steel market, prices pull up

enter in May, stainless steel materials prices continue to rise, steel mills to pull up, the market to go up. To this, a lot of stainless steel processing, stainless steel pipe factory have sent a price increase notice.

boom is only a start, small businesses will face the shortage of raw materials, environmental capacity, the foreign trade environment is more complex and powerful factories overseas expansion, funds and products unsalable, and so on six big crisis set off small business failures. Now sanitary ware market demand conditions, many small businesses in the face of crisis, select the project - — Please be careful around you less known and inferior brand manufacturers ( Without the inspection) 。

green wave for many players face off with a less known and inferior brand factory, stop and take large openings for sanitary ware market. Sanitary ware enterprises facing rising price, so to buy building materials or choose project must hurry!

Appollo defending bath of multi-channel technology innovation, to water saving, low carbon environmental protection for the concept of science and technology, to create intelligent, environmental protection, health, sanitary ware products. Now the hot investment, invite to join, create a better future!
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