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Glass basin should pay attention to what elements of choose and buy is good? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-19
Glass basin is also a time for many of the owners in the bathroom decorate, choose one of the more clean. Glass basin and common glass products are all the same, fragile and not high temperature resistant, so if consumers want to buy glass basin that wash a face, so you have to pay attention to some problems, combined with certain elements to choose and buy glass basin. The following shower room to share some tips of choose and buy for everybody! First is the thickness of the sale of wall thickness of the glass basin that wash a face in the market now there are 19 mm, 15 mm and 12 mm several, on the surface in addition to the different colors and styles, the other as if there is not a big difference, but a far cry from the price. Experts suggest that if economic conditions allow, had better choose 19 mm wall thickness of the product, because it can relative to 80 ℃ high temperature resistant, impact resistance and resistance to breakage is better also. Second is the price because of the glass basin from technology to design cost is higher, so the price is relatively expensive, when consumer is choosing the same product shopping around is should, but should also consider the strength of the manufacturer and credibility, high quality glass basin price should be in commonly 8000 - 10000 yuan of above. Colour is finally no matter be colour or style, must with the washstand and other bathroom facilities. Such as glass basin that wash a face with metallic mesa and woodiness mesa and vitreous mesa collocation are coordinated, if match with stone is somewhat abrupt. Thought the cleanness of glass basin do very troublesome, as if to keep dry with a towel will not stain, more concerned with long will lose the glittering and translucent get rid of former days.
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