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Granite and marble which is more suitable for the mesa of the basin that wash a face? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-24
In general, marble and granite will be used as material in the bottom basin, shower room and will be used in the mesa of the basin that wash a face. Because the mesa of the basin that wash a face best choose to use is not afraid of water, quality of a material is solid, decorative materials, such as marble, granite, artificial stone and so on. The material of different decorative effect and price difference is also different, so what kind of material do mesa of the basin that wash a face better? Below we compare together! 1. Marble mesa: high-grade rice Yellowstone, brown, dark green, white, red, such as Norway. Marble processing, the price is higher, brittle, not easily but beautifully decorated patterns. 2. Granite countertops: ordinary five lotus, malachite green, Snow White, and blue magnitude. Granite hard, cheap, but adornment effect is poor. 3. Artificial stone ( Village of natural and synthetic fat) Table: it is a new kind of composite material, can be copied into various patterns of the texture and natural stone effect. In addition, the scene very closely after processing, it is also very hard, and no radiation, harmless to human body, so do with man-made stone mesa of the basin that wash a face is the direction of future development.
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