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How to prevent and avoid self-explosion of shower room glass?

How to prevent and avoid self-explosion of shower room glass?


 The news of glass bursts in the shower room is not uncommon, and the autumn and winter season is a time of frequent accidents. So, what caused the glass to burst, how to effectively prevent accidents and reduce the risk of bursting?

Does the toughened glass explode means that the quality of the glass is not good? This is not necessarily true. In fact, improper installation or improper maintenance during use will cause the tempered glass to explode.

●The quality of tempered glass is not good enough

The automatic explosion of toughened glass that occurs without direct mechanical external force is called spontaneous explosion. Although the spontaneous explosion of tempered glass may be caused by improper installation or improper maintenance during use, the more likely reason is the quality of the tempered glass produced by the manufacturer. The tempered glass used in the shower room must have a thickness of at least 6 -8mm.

●Improper installation of shower room glass

Improper installation may also cause the glass to explode. During the processing, transportation, storage and construction of the glass surface and edges, defects such as scratches, blasting, and edge bursts may be caused, which may cause stress concentration and cause the tempered glass to explode, or for example, the glass has a certain tilt during installation Degrees or artificial changes in the shape of the glass can also cause similar problems.

●Improper maintenance of tempered glass leads to self-explosion

In the process of daily use, it is relatively common that the shower glass will explode due to the impact of sharp objects, rapid temperature changes and other reasons.

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How to reduce the risk of bathroom glass explosion

To solve the potential self-explosion problem of tempered glass, there are many solutions, including purchase and installation links and post-processing, which can reduce the risk of self-explosion from the details.


1 Install the glass door correctly

      In order to prevent the spontaneous explosion of tempered glass caused by improper installation, it is best to ask the manufacturer to provide professional on-site installation when purchasing the product, so as to avoid damage caused by improper installation and the problem of inseparable responsibility after damage. The most taboo during installation is to cut the glass, because tempered glass can only be processed to the required shape before tempering, and cannot be processed to size and shape after tempering, which is very easy to cause the glass to explode.

2 Choose high-quality tempered glass

      The minimum requirement for tempered glass is to ensure that the product certificate has the 3C certification mark. In addition, when we wear polarized sunglasses to look at the glass, the tempered glass should show colored streaks, and it will also have blue spots when viewed with the naked eye; You can pay attention to the curvature of tempered glass. Its flatness is not as flat as ordinary glass, but it has a sense of unevenness. The longer side will have a certain curvature.

3 Attach explosion-proof film

      Shower room products on the market, due to aesthetic reasons, generally do not have an explosion-proof film on the glass. Attaching the explosion-proof film by yourself can prevent the glass from flying when the glass spontaneously explodes. When choosing the explosion-proof film, try to choose international Explosion-proof film certified by Window Film Association and qualified to produce safety film.

4  Protect key glass corners

      The middle part of tempered glass is the strongest, and the corners and edges are the weakest. Once there are cracks in these parts, it is easy to smash the whole piece of glass. I don’t know if you have observed that the safety hammer on the bus window glass is located on the corner of the glass. This is precisely the use of the characteristic of tempered glass. As for the shower room, we don't want the glass to break, so in our daily life, we must pay attention to protecting the corners of the glass and regularly check whether there are cracks in the corners.

5 Avoid scratches by sharp objects

 The interior of the shower room is a closed space. The accumulation of high temperature and high pressure will cause pressure on the glass screen and cause glass.

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