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Implement the choose and buy is very trouble? Remember the six dry easily pick!

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-01
The toilet as part of their daily life, and our bodies close contact with the product that defend bath, it is good or bad will directly affect the quality of life.

and when the choose and buy should pay attention to what details are below the sanitary ware that Appollo came to share about the toilet clean and maintenance of tip of choose and buy, help people in daily life can build a comfortable, easy and comfortable toilet life.

a, toilets classification and comparison of the

1, according to the product structure: even with split type

in accordance with the toilet water tank connection with base, can be divided into the joint, two kinds of fission; Even the asana is water tank are connected to the base, its modelling beautiful, and strong, suitable for small toilet. Separate water tank is separated from the base, and its large size and not easy to rely on a wall, improper installation, easy to cause leakage.

2, according to the drainage way points: wall type and ground row type

row type toilet wall type or the back type, also known as rank row type toilet wall of choose and buy when should pay attention to consider the height of the outlet center from the ground, the height is commonly 180 mm; Line type toilet also called discharge type or landscape pattern, refers to the outlet on the ground of toilet; When the choose and buy must pay attention to the outlet center distance from the wall.

3, by launching points: straight strong pattern and siphon type

strong fall type rely on tank height difference brings the potential energy of flush, siphon is the air pressure inside and outside drainage through a pipe. Siphon type has been the mainstream market, because more clean and less noise.

2, methods and techniques of choose and buy toilet

1. Measuring the toilet pit from

the toilet pit from center distance refers to the toilet plumbing/the distance of the ground, metope generally is 305 mm, 400 mm, for many, the wall is 185 mm. Select the appropriate toilet is to choose appropriate hole is apart from the first.

2. See the toilet outlet

the toilet drain hole at the bottom of the easily neglected, on the market a lot of drainage hole is 2 - Three is given priority to; Drainage side-by-side with water, according to the first volume, distance to the tank wall behind the center of the drains, buy the same type of toilet to 'to sit at a distance' otherwise it's easy to have a toilet can't install problem. The horizontally side-by-side toilet water outlet and the height of the nozzle are equal, slightly higher as well, to sewage chang row.

3. Toilet glazed smooth

the stand or fall of ceramic or not can directly see the toilet surface is very smooth level off, without potholes, under the lights is a straight line. After testing the surface glaze, still need to touch the toilet drains, if rough, in the later use process prone to hang a phenomenon.

4. Check the toilet mouth diameter tube size

of glazing of large diameter drainage pipeline and inside table, do not hang dirty easily, quickly enough that is conducive to the toilet to reduce congestion phenomenon. Inspection methods to handle knob stretch into the drainage pipe to touch, to see if there was glazing, whether as smooth as outside, inside the toilet sewage quality time glazing can present uneven, even not glazing.

Appollo bathroom toilet, all piping uniform glazing, not easy to hang dirty, unique way of vortex siphon flush, high quality of water greatly improve the effect of the implement of blunt water, to meet consumer demand for toilet flushing effect.

5. Cistern fittings leakage detection

the flush toilet tank leaking out clear water tank water sound can be concluded that, in general it is hard to find. But it can drip into the blue ink inside the water tank, stirring evenly thick blue water in presence of the water out, if have, explain the toilet is leaking. ( Note: about 6 l flush can be listed as a water-saving toilet)

6, look sit implement water effect

since early 2018 released the toilet water effect logo implementation rules, water efficiency label system in China formally established and will take effect on August 1, the national, no water in the effect of implement, once found, are not allowed to sale in the market will be fined 1 - 30000 yuan.

the wei yu that Appollo implement various model implement smoothly through the national water effect identifier for the record, this is the guarantee of product quality, not just more the consumer the sanitary ware that represents the Appollo green world view in the critical position, so that consumers use Appollo sanitary water saving toilet have better protection effect to the environment.
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