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In 2020, sanitary ware how to join? Sanitary ware headquarters full support

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-31

how to join? With the improvement of living standards, a growing demand for high quality sanitary ware, sanitary ware in as a very good business in 2020. In the past year, more than 100 Appollo new franchisees that defend bath, the leading industry development speed. So how to join sanitary ware? Pay attention to what? In this paper, the detailed introduction for you. The first step: positioning sanitary ware how to join? Has been the market positioning, who is your target customers are, what are you going to do business. 

 There is no doubt that decorate the mainstream is 8090 now, so choose the young consumer market, in the future a wide prospect of market. 

 Step 2: choose the right brand positioning to have a clear target audience and will choose a good brand, because each brand, will have their own product advantage. What is a good brand that defend bath to join? Have a plenty of for the mass market, some only in view of the rural market, have a plenty of against villa market and so on. to Appollo, the reason is approve by the franchisees, because differentiation, product design is mainly aimed at young consumer demand. 

 Step 3: store location after a clear positioning, you can start looking for stores. Is critical to the store's location, location is an important principle, the principle is the same location, you open the shop sanitary ware, the ceramic tile of you around or the same market, and other building materials, must be the same with you. 

 Step 4: store decoration sanitary ware how to join? Store decoration is a big concern of franchisees, in general, brand sanitary ware manufacturer will provide store decoration design. For store decoration, Appollo headquarters provide free design, guidance, help on the sample, such as one-stop service, decorate stores after decorating to give subsidies. 

 Step 5: the team many join ShangGang begin as mom-and-pop stores, pure such as customer is hard in the shop now. Franchisees can recruit outstanding manager, the manager assumes overall responsibility for, your boss can have more energy to channel, the boss and the manager in Christ, improve the team. 

 Step 6: opening new store opening, Appollo headquarters will have support team to assist, headquarters to provide for the opening event planning scheme, staff training, material design, marketing, product support, etc. Do more than six steps, but also is a basic work, how to join sanitary ware, from the opening to the stores in the late pin, actually has only just begun. 

 Appollo have nine sales branches throughout the country, more than 30 retail stores, the terminal stores management summed up the experience, you can copy to napa stores, to provide full support to its franchisees, make franchisees rapid growth. how to join? Online message, welcome to ask us for detailed information, investment manager advised you, let you little detours. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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