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In general, explosion-proof shower room and what is the difference between ordinary shower room? -

by:Appollo     2021-07-29
Believe that people all know, with focus on toughened glass shower room burst events occur occasionally. Although toughened glass. With good strength and stability, but because of its production technology co. , LTD. , toughened glass will automatically burst under no stress state. This phenomenon is known as 'explosive' toughened glass. So consumers will doubt, that what brand shower room is better? According to incomplete statistics, there any explosive rate of tempered glass is about three over one thousand, but different brand of the explosive rate are also different. Shower room manufacturers will recommend commonly use explosion-proof glass shower room is used as the partition, which can effectively avoid the happening of safety accidents. The PVB film will be two pieces of toughened glass together, forming double sandwich glass, it can be to sound sonic vibration cushion, so as to achieve efficient effect of sound insulation, shockproof, explosion-proof. Toughened glass and common glass look difference is not big, but in practice there exists common glass defects, once destroyed, the glass shards of glass are vast expanses of the sharp fragments, can cause great harm to human body, there is a significant security problems. Scientific experiments show that the toughened glass has the following characteristics: high mechanical strength, 6 mm thick toughened glass from the glass 2. 5 m height can withstand 227 g of chongqing steel ball impact; Urgent degeneration of heat-resistant, toughened glass can withstand high temperature and low temperature rapid shift, and toughened glass is not broken; Safety performance is high, when destroyed by an extreme force was broken graining, rather than sharp fragments. Explosion-proof toughened glass shower room advantage is, whether it is artificial and broken or explosive glass fragments can completely avoid splash or sharp. Glass explosion-proof sticker is posted to the glass by external damage, glass particles will be together, not splash, or collapsed and broken, safeguard the personal safety of users shower room.
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