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In the face of numerous shower room products, how to distinguish high and low quality? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-18
The shower room products on the market now, whether brand is based on size, so how to choose and buy from this great shower room products a more high quality products? Now combine situation factors and industry knowledge to consumers come to the conclusion that these points, we hope you can pass these simple use method to the satisfaction of the shower room of choose and buy products. See the glass: mainly choose clear transparent glass. The impure or process of making glass material defects can make glass have miscellaneous points and defects such as bubbles, both neither is beautiful, and can reduce the hardness and strength of the glass, etc. See details: most of the brands of the exterior surface treatment of shower room is fine, but hidden details is hard to say. Such as the door, the front looks usually do very beautiful, but if you look at the back and edges, in addition to the rose island this level of big brands can keep/outside, most of the brands are relatively rough, on the one hand is to save cost, on the other hand is to keep up with the machining process. See certification: regular brand products with 3 c certification, what certification all didn't, there is no doubt that is produced by the shanzhai factories or small workshops. As the toughened glass of shower room not only passed 3 c certification, and through the European BS6206 standard, each product is a quality first, to bring customers the best products. See store: famous brand of shower room, in the beauty of red star triumphant dragon, unexpectedly the home of a large household stores usually have stores. From its decorate a style and class and it can be seen behind the brand power and design level. Listen to the voice: it's not listening to strike the glass. Although toughened glass sound is ringing, common glass sound dull, but they are not together, it is difficult to compare. In addition, there are many style of shower room, the glass is completely nested within the framework, drumming up also can appear dull voice, therefore this method are not applicable. We mainly to hear the sound of door opening and closing activities. High quality shower room, pulley, door stopper, shaft components, active sound when opening and closing door is more uniform and fine, if it is a cacophony of static on the line, or is a door not installed, or not moving parts quality. Shower room of old brand handle well in this respect.
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