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Industry analysis | 2018 new age development, uncovered the sanitary ware industry a new chapter!

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-29
For sanitary ware industry, with the state policy of each stage, the environmental protection tax, water efficiency revolution logo, toilet, domestic sanitary ware market ushered in a new wave of price increases of development environment, the sanitary ware industry not only 2018 new problems also usher in a new challenge. Appollo the sanitary ware that uncovered the sanitary ware industry a new chapter!

with modern information technology and the rapid development of manufacturing technology integration innovation, building ceramics, sanitary ware industry will develop in the direction of integration, intelligence, flexibility and realize the development, design, production and management of integrated innovation, innovation, development, manufacturing and industrial organization mode, realizing the manufacturing and supply chain flexibility, agility, digital, networked, collaborative.

the development of economic globalization, promoting world construction ceramics, sanitary ware industry to the capital, production, marketing, technology and management syncretizing direction. Among them, the integration of capital and production will promote further refinement and deepening of international division of Labour, formation of investment - Production - The marketing pattern of the development of global integration; Fusion of science and technology to achieve the rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements, application, and continuously introduce new products; Management will promote the building ceramic and sanitary ware enterprise management idea transformation and innovation, form a complete management system.

industry technological progress on energy conservation and emissions reduction technology, innovative design, product research and development. Including kiln, spray tower such as energy saving, dry powder of legal system, the continuous ball mill, the new low pressure fast drainage forming, high pressure forming, automatic control and intelligent, waste heat utilization, clean coal gasification, the waste type of new products, a variety of sources of collaborative governance, 3 d printing, computer aided design, integration of ceramic building decoration design and other modern production technology and equipment.

building ceramics, sanitary ware product development to development in the direction of greening, functionalization, vogue is changed. Thin brick, new products such as green waste products, anti-static ceramic tile, ceramic tile, from clean sex heat storage, building ceramics, health ceramic tile ceramic tile, stone and wood products, water-saving sanitary ware products, intelligent sanitary ware products, will become the mainstream of future product direction.

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