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Intelligent sit implement the self-improvement of a toilet

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-11
Recently a weibo hot search, there is a woman writer on the toilet jams, because home lead to emotional breakdown by a woman. And people just saw her riches and honour in showing slightly leaking light sadness in bitterness, delicate, beautiful floating in a wisp of fatigue life.

because the closestool, people do not know - —

a: oh, she's standard of living in a society TOP5; She lived twenty million house; She could smell that the movie theater to say the kind of 'metro'; She didn't even earn a cent unjust gain; She angry when death these properties can be submitted to the warning.

this article to share the mood weibo, is silent in showing respect, revealed in the collapse not anger from wei?

the pressure of adults, sometimes a little small things could trigger emotions critical points, like the road before melt into tears of express little elder brother, life difficult, never without mercy.

some people think that the toilet jams tens of millions of homes will also meet? After a small make up a study didn't know even such house, toilet also is likely to be blocked, this is the question of the toilet.

so as a toilet, essential skills is to bring convenience to people, that is reflected what skills self-improvement a toilet? Until I met Appollo sanitary ware.


flush, I've never been so generous

the toilet is alive, happy word! But because the objective of water pressure and piping design problem, always face flush out of the dilemma. Appollo sanitary ware with low pressure vortex siphon water system and open drain valve, energetic, even in 0. 02 million mpa under low water pressure, also can be fun, rushing too clean!


not cleaning the toilet is not a good massage therapists

Appollo get on cleaning function that defend bath to air bubble cleaning function, plus 30 - 38 degrees adjustable water temperature, make people more comfortable when I was in the toilet of hip cleaning experience.

now can also through the strength of position, four focus adjustment, temperature, water, wash and massage functions; Can also use wisdom accused of cold and hot massage function, bring 5 seconds cold water, 15 seconds of warm water alternating cleaning experience and help people to release fatigue.

of course, a particularly admirable or Appollo wei yu the infinite double knob, can wash hip - Women wash - Distinguish the flush and user mode, users don't have to scramble to operation, one-click fix all function; Also has the function of three user memory, memory can be used in the three user, let the human in the next time when using a can enjoy their habit of cleaning mode.


more intimate intimate contact

from the perspective of human nature, the sanitary ware that Appollo developed seat adaptive ability, the toilet can according to the temperature change of the seasons, intelligently sense of human skin temperature, and then adjust the temperature of the seat. It is with this, let the customer more trust.

in addition, the wei yu that Appollo also has the one level of appearance, in the toilet of all kinds of style.

the wei yu that Appollo intelligent toilet is a talent and beauty in one, with the high-end pursuit of modern people. Appollo sanitary way for more customers to provide quality product that defend bath, a toilet self-improvement, will want to Appollo bath!
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