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Intelligent toilet cover pp can also be gentle for you!

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-11

Winter has come, the warmth of the PP can't look straight into the cold sit implement. You armed to the teeth with early winter, but why only PP to cold? ! Whether you sat on a plush seat enjoy winter, but you know? Plush seat in the process of the toilet easy adherent liquid, adsorption dirt plush seat cause anus bowel disease or disease of department of gynaecology easily cross infection. Compared with the cold, disease worse. Want to use wisdom toilet but ordinary toilet has been installed in the home, how to do? In fact need not distress, have the Appollo sanitary ware manufacturer intelligent plate easy to solve these problems!

thin plate streamline appearance

small thin, the streamline appearance of beauty, can match with most of the toilet. According to human engineering mechanics design, socket natural and comfortable, increase your experience of the toilet.

high quality material of flexible heating

with high and new materials, production process to add unique antibacterial agent, effective against the growth of harmful bacteria and adhesion. Close skin temperature, adopt new electrothermal film materials, uniform heat distribution, this winter, let you of the pp can be gentle.

safety testing fully functional

Appollo smart cover plate of the wei yu that every movement each function through strict aging test, circuit board part adopts silicon filling process, prevent leakage have high flame retardant performance at the same time. And powerful with no too big difference, one intelligent toilet seat with heating, warm water wash, warm air drying, sterilization and other functions, can more easily for the winter!

smart cover the wei yu that Appollo aging test

quality pursuit of enjoying life

between sanitary ware off the world, brought a private space, the small space carries up mental and physical pleasure. Now the prevalence rate of intelligent sanitary ware products, is also more and more high, choose the pursuit of quality is the appeal of the life, is the love of life. There are considerations in both health and economic conditions, the wei yu that Appollo intelligent toilet cover plate is very worth it!
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