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Intelligent toilet cover rate fell below the bottom line, the joining trader?

by:Appollo bath     2020-09-06

The intelligent toilet cover countries smoke released the results of this year, had a big influence in the sanitary ware industry. Forty percent of sampling observation of quality inspection results show that the domestic intelligent toilet cover is unqualified, the industry by surprise. In spite of the ten class qualification rate of intelligent toilet maximum increase in consumer products detection, but for the pursuit of seiko excellence in sanitary ware industry, bathroom need to be more strict to control product quality. In 2016, general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine has released the results of sampling observation of quality imported intelligent toilet is not sanitary ware industry hotspot headlines for the first time, after xiao-bo wu toilet cover speech is to let the smart toilet cover, once on the step, the extraction results for consumers to breath in a gasp, but go to Japan to buy toilet cover shows the confidence of consumers for domestic intelligent toilet cover. But as China's manufacturing advantage continuously emerging, Chinese consumers for sanitary ware brand more grasps common heart. At this point, consumer product theory, theory of brand or becomes possible. And in July, 2016, CCTV financial channel launch of 'made in China you don't know: intelligent toilet', from the use of security, comfort, convenience to use, the price is reasonable, and other important dimensions, in based on facts, with data as the criterion, to come under the premise of human evidence, let the Chinese and foreign intelligent toilet true contrast, exposed under the nose of the hundreds of millions of consumers. In short, the influential feature again indicates that a few old truth: the more expensive, does not mean that the better the quality, pure entrance, doesn't mean absolute safety, better in a foreign country, does not mean that in the domestic same to force, especially in the use of convenience, domestic excellent brands want to more, do more. More recently, industry & other; Half of home appliances, sanitary ware & throughout; Development pattern, means more electrical appliances enterprise in sanitary ware market. Home appliance enterprises have to face a reality, however, whether it's smart toilet cover or a cover plate must be combined with a toilet is & other; Survival value & throughout; 。 From this reality, intelligent toilet cover industry also have no way out. Ceramic sanitary ware industry need now is doing fine for doing well the product, to meet the rising demand, in the development of the Internet today, with innovative ideas management enterprise, need not worry too much home appliance the involvement of the industry, home appliance industry intervention is not bad but a good thing, may be faster to promote industry development. With intelligent advantages of wei yu, the design of the product that defend bath more creative. Throughout the development trend of the sanitary ware sanitary ware enterprises pay more attention to the user experience of ascension, the domestic intelligent sanitary ware brand more attractive. Cannot be determined, of course, is when the phenomenon of the next seat will come, but what is certain is that next time the intelligent toilet hot headlines, must because its seiko manufacturing and originality heritage build public praise and reputation. Toilet cover, reaction is short of sanitary ware industry in China, but China's sanitary ware will have a more brilliant future. Appollo intelligent toilet extremely & other; Wisdom & throughout; Behind the love, is inherently invisible & other Core & throughout; Technology. Appollo intelligent toilet imported from motherboard, leakage detection and power-off protection function, when used to prevent accidents. Inlet valve and damper, also from original installation import, with the United States, Japan, the best intelligent closestool is different, this is Appollo intelligent toilet can proudly on a par with international quality confidence, have to say that the Appollo intelligent toilet cover has become a bathroom industry desire! Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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