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Intelligent toilet very not good? Site assessment tell you the answer

by:Appollo bath     2020-09-06

Intelligent toilet very not good? With improving the quality of the life, intelligent toilet has become more and more get the welcome of consumer, but for family haven't install toilets, there might be some doubts, how to use intelligent toilet? You are below the scene evaluating intelligent toilet Z203 Appollo. First, the heating mode of the intelligent toilet, USES the heat type. What is a hot type i. e.  thermal type is living water heating directly, no need to wait for, hot water. Compared to the traditional thermal storage type intelligent toilet, i. e.  thermal type rinse clean water, health, and avoid the repeated heating, more energy saving. Look at this smart toilet has what function? In the toilet on the side, a power supply, water, drying, women wash wash five buttons, hips, under the condition of without using the remote control, the basic function can be done by the side buttons. Remote control on the basis of the basic functions, but also increase the lighting, deodorant, nozzle cleaning, power-saving features, a greater role of the remote control is to regulate, water temperature, temperature can be adjusted, heater temperature, as well as to the flushing water pressure regulation. Specific method of use, not in detail, the operation is simple, use a will. Intelligent toilet panel display, can display the current time, the W. T represents the water temperature, and it S on the right. T represents the temperature. The Appollo intelligent toilet Z203 four gear temperature, respectively is the normal temperature, 33, 36, 39 degrees, can adjust at will, visual display at a glance. Next, enter the product actual experience with seat heating seat on a human body induction area, is when the body seat, to start the corresponding function. After open the power supply, automatic heating, seat at this time, can feel the temperature of the seat, warm, with body temperature is very close. The embellish wall put his hand on the induction area, simulation table, there will be a small amount of water flushing the toilet wall, the function is called 'the leap the wall'. Many people may still be heard for the first time, because the average toilet is used up rinse again, and the role of embellish wall is to let a toilet is covered by water, the dirt is difficult to adhere to, wash more easily. Nozzle cleaning before use, the nozzle will automatically clean. Also have nozzle cleaning button on the remote control, can the nozzle cleaning for many times. Nozzle cleaning, it is very good function, keep every cleaning health. Two kinds of intelligent toilet very good cleaning function? Cleaning is the core function, it has two cleaning nozzle, one is the hip cleaning, one is a women-only cleaning, move through the remote control can be realized on cleaning. Because is review, so we take boards is blocking, avoid water spray wet. There are four file regulation, clean water flow clean but not strong stimulation, wash clean, not hurt the skin. Dry warm wind drying has 33 degrees, 36, 39 degrees adjustment, to highlight here, drying takes about 2 minutes, after all, not a hair dryer, so there was no wind so big. Is very good, it set up a variety of drying temperature, suitable for different seasons, with 33 degrees such as the hot summer is just right. Deodorant intelligent toilet use begin to deodorant, there is also a deodorant buttons on the remote control, can control whether to start the deodorization. If the panel is shown on the display with the sign of blades, said it was using deodorant function. Lighting was shot during the day because it is over, so the light is not very obvious. Lighting for use at night, can not turn on the light, is very practical, also greatly improved the sweet feeling. Intelligent toilet very not good? In general, the function of intelligent toilet is very practical, comfortable, clean, also good for your health. The only drawback is that need to wait for, because cleaning and drying will take time. Related: intelligent toilet joining what brand is good? What brand of good quality intelligent toilet? Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website
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