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Invited to 'sit implement water effect identification and effective laboratory record publicity and implement training!

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-06
Since the early 2018 released the sit implement water effect logo implementation rules, formally established water effect identification system in China and will take effect on August 1! Invited to participate in the sanitary ware that Appollo 'sit implement water effect identification and effective laboratory record publicity and implement training!

along with population growth, economic and social development and urbanization speed, the situation of water resources in our country is becoming increasingly serious. Basic requirement to protect the ecological environment, promoting the construction of ecological civilization, countries made the strategic planning of water resources throughout the country.

in order to promote sit implement water effect the logo work smoothly, on September 13, 2017, 'water effect identity management method' ( Changes the 6th order) Official release, and to begin on March 1, 2018 officially implemented; On January 26, 2018, the toilet water effect logo implementation rules, file regulation since August 1, 2018, the factory of the toilet water must paste the logo. These two documents issued, marked the our country water effect identification system was established and began to implement.

water efficiency label is what?

water marks and 'energy efficiency level similar, is attached to the product information on the label, with water used to represent the product level of water effect, water consumption, such as performance index, the index is based on the related products of water effect of mandatory national standard test to determine.

water effect logo which basic content including?

( 1) Chinese name 'China water effect logo';


( 3) Producer name or abbreviation;

( 4) Product specifications;

( 5) Water efficiency level;

( 6) Water efficiency indicators, The average water consumption, total salt water, blunt water use) ;

( 7) On the basis of water effect of mandatory national standard number;

( 8) Water information code.

water effect level a few?

water effect logo contains the hierarchy, the level from top to bottom is divided into three:

1, the level is shown as a dark green water design, water consumption is low;

2, shown as two light green water droplets pattern, water consumption is low;

3, level is shown as three orange water design, high water consumption.

how to obtain water effect mark

consumers and related law enforcement can be identified by understanding the water performance of the product information, also can be identified by scanning the qr code, enter the water effect identity information platform, access product water effect parameters, the effect of the record number and other details.

what's the use of water effect mark

on the one hand, helps consumers to choose high efficiency of water consumption products, on the other hand also helps to regulate the behavior of enterprise production. For the behavior of the production and sales of illegal products, 'method' has been clear about the legal responsibility and punishment measures, fake says it will fine 1 - 30000 yuan.

implement as water marking the first batch of products, from the successful implementation of this kind of product water effect mark, will gradually push the showers, water purification machines and other products with water water effect logo. Water effect as authorized institution identity management center, will be an objective and fair filing work, for enterprises and institutions to provide protection and support.

implement industry enterprises, examination organization has identified record for open water effect, so far, more than 200 enterprises to complete the product registration account registered, more than 20 test institutions and enterprises has its own laboratory to complete laboratory record for account registration.

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