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It is not easy to what toilet wall? Grasp the selected good toilet 3 points

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-14

It is not easy to what toilet wall? Toilet as a daily use household items, it could be very trouble if blocked. Toilet jams besides related to use, also has a lot to do with the design of the toilet itself, what on earth is not easy to block toilet? This article will introduce you. Toilet according to the way that can be divided into straight strong pattern and siphon type, straight strong pattern is to rely on the gravity water to remove dirt discharge, water consumption is big, has gradually withdraw from the market. Currently on the market are mainly composed of siphon toilet, siphon toilet sewage pipeline is an s-shaped structure, by using the principle of siphon drainage. In general, the toilet blocked parts mainly appeared in the S bend. Due to siphon power is not enough or too much dirt stuck, can easily cause blockage. 

 So, in addition to not to throw sundry outside the toilet, when choosing toilet, should pay attention to the following three points. 

 1, the drainage pipe diameter is large, dirt more easily through, so it is not easy to jam. If the sewage pipe is too small, dirt easily blocked. Therefore, Appollo toilet discharge pipes have been increasing design, pipe diameter in more than 50 mm.

 2, sewage pipe wall to glazing, pipe wall smooth, dirt won't stick. 

 3, sewage, to be strong, with a small amount of water to produce large force of siphon, siphon force sufficient to drain and clean. To summarize, what kind of toilet is not easy to jam, the choose and buy closestool is to measure the diameter size of drainage outlet, touch the pipe wall is glazing, now a lot of stores will have to test the waters, can actually test the drainage effect. Toilet is durable, service life in more than 10 years, or even in a lifetime, advised to choose a brand of toilet. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website
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