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It seems that the flower is aspersed, but big difference!

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-30
Everyone in use at ordinary times when the flower is aspersed may not care about what is the difference between, but the store you will find the house in household is a variety of flower is aspersed, I think at that time you must be meng, Ok, the following will introduce you to the sanitary ware that Appollo some techniques about how to choose the flower is aspersed, the hope can help you ~

a, observe the effect of jet

just from his appearance, the flower is aspersed shape appears to be roughly the same, so the appearance can not only be observed when buy, must also look at the effect of jet, when choosing quality good flower is aspersed to each small nozzle jet balanced, under different water pressure can have a smooth and comfortable shower effect, so must look for when choosing the jet flow is uniform.

2, understand the jet way

the interior design of flower is aspersed is also each have each characteristic, in holding a flower is aspersed when choosing, in addition to observe the effect of injection, to know more about the jet way, generally have a maser, massage and other different characteristics. If there is no special way of injection requirements, common injection way more ideal shower can bring you pleasure.

3, identify surface finishes

the quality of the flower is aspersed coating not only their own physical quality and the service life of the flower is aspersed, can also affect the health clean at ordinary times, flower is aspersed general surface layer of chromium plating layer, good coating can remain in the high temperature of 150 ° c for 1 hour, no bubbles, wrinkling, cracking, peeling phenomenon; Acetic acid salt spray testing is not corrosion within 24 hours. In the selection can be identify by surface gloss and smoothness, bright and smooth of the flower is aspersed illustrate uniform coating, the quality is good.

the material of valve core will directly affect the use of the flower is aspersed feeling and service life, good shower USES is ceramic valve core, smooth without friction. Can twist the switch when choosing feel, feel comfortable, smooth switch can keep product when use the performance of the smooth and comfortable.
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