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Kitchen sink buying guide, fall in love with kitchen life!

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-06
Winter in many places in this December have cool under the snow, you must pay attention to cold warm safe travel, joining the sanitary ware that now let Appollo manufacturer to bring us the choose and buy of kitchen sink guide, very practical, even in winter can also teach you how to choose a suitable for household good sink!

1, the size

when the sink of choose and buy, first to the size of the measurement under their own hutch ark, according to the size of the cabinets to select suitable water tank.

2, see style

single basin sink

single basin sink and there's a small single slot and large single groove, small single slot cabinet and convenient choice is often a small kitchen family, while big trough basin is bigger, can wait for big size for the pot, basin, use more convenient, comfortable, modelling is belong to the unconstrained style.

double basin sink

the area of the double basin sink to be slightly larger, with a drop shot. In after washing vegetables or boiler bowl can be placed above drain water, is also very convenient humanization is extremely strong. Generally lower right small, can a wash dish, a pot dishes, can achieve separate clean, more clean.

3, look at the quality

the quality of the sink is mainly embodied in the tub and water system, Appollo sanitary ware manufacturer of tub adopts 304 stainless steel sink, compared with 204 stainless steel, such as more anti-rust durable, pure manual polishing, more texture. Appollo bathroom sink water system more prevent jams, prevent leakage protective effect, such as, the counter-attack taste to drain more unobstructed.

4, see

the function structure of a single sink, therefore can also be considered when the choose and buy some products, such as shelf, carrying baskets, etc. , can greatly improve the quality of life and portability, let a kitchen is no longer everyone abandon oil stronghold.

to buy water trough, I'd choose the Appollo really is in the details, work in quality, good brand trustworthy!
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