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Make profits big wei yu, whole wei yu profits

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-06
Make profits big wei yu, whole wei yu profits? Along with society's progress and development, consumer demand for whole wei yu consciousness also gradually strengthened. With the outbreak of the promotion and price war, 'integration' sanitary ware will become the important influence factors of consumer differentiation choice. Today is to analyze the wei yu that Appollo analysis.

through market research, part of its product brand sanitary ware enterprises has been gradually to the product style 'diversity', hardware hutch defends the direction of 'integration'. Brand from the original only do wei yu the enterprise development of ceramic tile to hardware sanitary ware products, also have the original focus do toilet, now have sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, bath crock, between wei yu, faucets, showers, accessories such as ceramic tile more complete product line.

whole sanitary ware with its breakthrough advantages: 'stop leakage, firm structure, easy installation, integration, draining sewage', gradually favored by the market. Although consumers on the whole wei yu still wait, but this phenomenon existence is reasonable, new things to replace old things is need time and process. According to the law of 150: a client's concept, thinking, consumer behavior patterns will affect around 150 people, and this influence is fission expansion. Estimated in 5 years, the overall sanitary ware will be sought after by more than ninety percent of the consumers.

according to industry insiders estimate that over the next five years, 'integral hutch defends' market space will amount to 40 billion yuan of above, if coupled with a large number of associated hutch defends electric appliance equipment, in the next 10 years, the market space is expected to reach 100 billion yuan. With each big brand across the board in hutch defends each link, integrate resources, do strong, do big, rapidly meet consumers 'integration' of hutch defends consumer demand and reduce the distance between products and consumers, as the whole hutch defends the main direction of enterprise development.
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