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Make things! Seven considerations, toilet decorate the woes!

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-17
Toilet outfit is good,

is not only reflected in contemporary adornment effect,

in the next three years, five years,

even a decade of living is the real test of sanitary ware home outfit.

today small make up the most concern of the prepared seven guys,

look have solve your toilet decorates confused?

a, decorate toilet need to buy?

between sanitary ware building materials include: bathroom cabinet, faucet showers, toilets, basin, flush valve/valve core, bath/shower, bathroom appliances, glass ware, bathroom mirror, cleaning supplies, etc.

2, how to choose the bathroom ark?

see material pledge, bathroom cabinets solid wood is more expensive, grade, PVC water proofing property is good, but easy to fade, and stainless steel although cheap, but single style, you can choose according to their own needs.

2 see process, no matter what kind of material of bathroom ark, must have good waterproof and anticorrosion technology, including some small hardware, should pay attention to.

three receive a space, the bathroom ark's biggest function is received, currently on the market for a conduit can be separated and bathroom ark cabinet put oneself in another's position, completely hide clutter in and out of the water system, the bathroom ark cabinet put oneself in another's position inside the receive not only more neat and beautiful, also can relaxed and health.

3, how to choose shower shower?

from the outside, the flower is aspersed surface brightness is exquisite, coating process product is better. When choosing a hands-on twist switch, feel comfortable, smooth when use can guarantee the product keep smooth and reliable performance.

it is worth mentioning that a old man and the child's family may consider using thermostatic shower, not only can fast temperature constant water temperature, also can have intelligent safety lock, prevent the old man and the child scalds.

4, how to choose hardware accessories?

▎ select faucet ▎

good bibcock surface chromium plating process is very exquisite, is generally after several working procedure to complete. Distinguish the faucet is good or bad depends on the extent of light, the surface is smooth and the brighter the representative quality better. Must choose when buying all copper quality, effectively bacteriostasis.

don't covet is cheap brass faucets. Copper is very expensive, qualified brass faucet price is not cheap, buy the first watch plating, get under the lights look closely, electroplating unqualified products can also reflect the material has a problem, the second component, the bibcock of casting a lot but feel very light, explain the casting is relatively thin, the quality is not good.
▎ choose floor drain

in the market now generally have mainly include PVC, zinc alloy, ceramics, cast iron, cast aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper alloy and other materials, including stainless steel and copper alloy floor drain price moderate, beautiful, durable, and the brass floor drain all aspects of the most outstanding performance. Select a space as far as possible big floor drain for water block smaller, not easy to cause congestion.

odor-proof floor drains is one of the main functions, in terms of deodorization, now more science mainly include physical and deepwater mothproof, the combination of floor drain. When the choose and buy can be a lot of attention to this aspect.

▎ pick towel, bath towel rack ▎

good towel, bath towel rack adopt high quality pure copper quality, its bearing performance better than space aluminum, polishing lines, surface still shine like new after using for a long time, no rust. Try to choose equipped with installation modeling, assembly of towel rack, installation is convenient and quick.

5, toilet decorate a principle

decorate between wei yu, the first thing to consider using function, and then the adornment effect. The main follow four principles: dry wet depart, ensure safety, ventilated daylighting is better, fine texture, easy to clean, anticorrosive moistureproof materials.

6, toilet water and electricity note

the basin that wash a face, sit implement water pipe, Angle valve to be loaded, to facilitate future maintenance; The power switch are best waterproof box; Pipeline crackdown after you test, then do waterproof processing; Floor drain hose test after installation to quickly; Toilet lamp also want to notice! Had better choose waterproof anti-fog of cold light source of energy-saving lamps, Characteristics of safety save electricity) 。 Seven, bathroom tile


ceramic tile seam is not too small toilet, ceramic tile seam is too small easy to reduce the service life of the ceramic tile, ceramic tile glaze cracked when after heat bilges cold shrink; Ceramic tile is pointing in the ceramic tile of the reentry after dry solid. General after 24 hours anytime; In front of the tile must be inspection on metope, if the wall crack must first processing, at the same time to metope to clean; Wall brick in touch Yang Angle, edge grinding have to be careful, don't damage the glaze layer of ceramic tile, link pay attention to the gap, not too small.
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