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Minimalist lifestyle ( A)

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-10
First, focus on one thing

when you walk, walk.

when you eat, paying attention to our eating.

when you read a book, absorbed in a book.

when you work, concentrate on my work.

in addition, don't want to other things in my mind.

2, do things slowly and carefully

you can complete a task at a time, but are also likely to be hurried to finish it. Instead, you can't, and to take your time. Careful attention to your actions, do not too quickly and random. It takes practice, but it helps you focus on your task.

3, thoroughly to complete it
task focus on you with all my heart. Don't finish the task don't go to the next. If for some reason you have to do other things, at least as far as possible put no complete and tidy it up themselves.

4, do less to
if you do less, you can concentrate on, full, more thoroughly to do these things, if you fill the day with different tasks, you will be in a hurry from one thing to another thing, and won't stop to think about exactly what to do.

margins five, understand the white space is not important, but also can not lack of things, to take away of the inessential, to better the more important things. Again, this is to ensure you always have time for each task. Don't put things too close together, on the contrary, leave some blank out between things. This time let your schedule easier. Life will become more easy.

6, cultivate a sense of ritual ceremony
give a person a kind of important sense. If something important to need a ceremony, then to complete it. You can build your own ceremony, preparing food, to have a meal, began to do for you, for the purpose of you wake up and before going to bed. Yes, for what you want to do everything to build a happy sense of ritual.

7, professional do wei
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