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Moistureproof wet weather bathroom furniture tips

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-29

Bathroom cabinet are to receive the bathroom appliances, most bathroom ark is wood, between the sanitary ware that face wet, how to make the bathroom ark and items contained in the keep clean and relaxed, therefore to ensure that the bathroom ark moistureproof problem is a key. How to do a good job, moistureproof, of course, and the selection of bathroom ark is closely connected with also. Bathroom ark base material in a common family bathroom is only a few square meters of space, it's hard to do wet partition. So the bathroom ark of material and process must have moistureproof sex, namely the relative humidity of 85 & amp; Good usability. Body panels accounted for a large part in the bathroom furniture, want to choose a good bathroom furniture, cannot treat the moistureproof problem of plate of the sloppiness. Basic on select material with solid wood bathroom furniture, moistureproof board, density board as the base material, the surface is made of polyester paint coating waterproof processing, with strong waterproof, moistureproof performance. Bathroom ark wood bathroom furniture panel is the first barrier and indoor wet air contact, can according to need to choose suits own panel. High-quality solid wood veneers or wood finishes with protective plastic resin surface easy to maintain, but also can make the bathroom furniture classical aesthetic feeling. There is the lacquer that bake, vacuum suction plastic panel, each has his strong point on adornment effect, also made waterproof processing in the production process, strong waterproof, moisture-proof function. Daily maintenance, use a wet suede to wipe the surface of cabinet put oneself in another's position. The bath of condensing steam application of dry cloth to wipe clean and keep ventilation. Bathroom ark inside bathroom furniture in use after a period of time, under the sink cabinet floor will appear deformation phenomenon, the reason is that the pipe is not in the cabinet. Along the pipe condensate residue in the bottom of the tank, constantly immerse furniture. If internal article with belt anti-collision waterproof aluminum plate, not only can prevent the basin, faucet dripping condensed water soaking box body, and characteristic of the collision avoidance can also eliminate the noise when closed. When choosing bathroom furniture on the back of bathroom ark, consumers are more likely to be its appearance, will think moistureproof mainly pay attention to the choice of the surface material is ok. But very little attention to detail on the back, leading to the service life of furniture is not long, and is easy to appear the quality problem. In real life, can't do it every time after bath thoroughly remove the ubiquitous water and moisture. With double decoration cover type back to avoid density board base material exposed, this protective layer, no longer have the opportunity to water from the tank body back into the plate, the waterproof is a good helper. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo sanitary ware's official website
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