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One eye see pushed open the door of shower room quality, from the five big details -

by:Appollo     2021-07-29
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's life quality requirements, and pushed the door open shower room into our life gradually, more and more people choose to install a shower room in between wei yu, in addition to being able to easily solve the problem of dry wet depart between bath, also combined with domestic outfit between wei yu, make the home more beautiful and more comfortable. Glass is the main part of shower room from the level of toughened glass of choice as the glass of shower room, and the superiority of it depends on whether the glass is transparent, without impurities, such as bubble defects. Glass defects in material or process defects can lead to 'bubbles in the glass defects, such as lower mechanical strength of glass. The original glass membrane 3 c certification 3 c certification is short for China compulsory product certification. Without this flag, shower room can't to sales of the products. In addition, must see the shards of glass model, according to the national standard safety every 50 * 50 area of toughened glass fragments to achieve more than 60, and obtuse, won't cause harm, it is a safe, toughened glass, and is very different from common glass. For aluminum casing outside the shower room security key point the aluminum often want to sustain the weight of the glass of shower room. If the hardness and the thickness is not good, will affect the service life of shower room. The aluminum thickness of shower room in 1. More than 2 mm. Rail hanging glass, aluminum products in 1. More than 5 mm, is a qualified products. The hardness of aluminum can be pressed aluminum frame to test by hand. Aluminum hardness in 13 degrees or more, the adult hand hard to deformation. Aluminum surface should be smooth, no color difference and blisters, outline of the finish. If it is used aluminium scrap processing of non-conforming, surface treatment of the finish is not enough, there will be a clear off color and blisters, outline of the finish is darker. Note pulley in push and pull the smooth degree of pulley wheel seat should be used in the process of resistance to pressure and weight of the material, such as 304 stainless steel. Bearing seal is good, the water vapor is not easy to enter inside the wheel, and ensure the smooth wheel, the material of pulley wheel and seat sealing performance, to a large extent determines the shower room is durable. In addition, pulley and rail should be closely, small gap, in under the action of external force is not easy to fall off, avoid safety accident. Wall materials and the adjustment function of wall materials and wall clip wall is connected to the wall of shower room accessories, as a result of the wall installation tilt and offset, can lead to distorted seams wall glass, glass leads to explosive. Therefore, wall materials should have level adjustment function, correcting wall body tilt, eliminate deformation of glass, to avoid the glass from exploding. High quality water tightness strong hinge shower room due to the frequent activity, in the long run caused by poor water tightness, right now to be seen whether sealing strip continuous, it is best not to fragmentation. Shower room with stone and the connection between the basin at the bottom of the most overlooked, whether spray shower room internal returns to sink, the inconspicuous details are high quality shower room highlight brand quality certificate.
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