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One of the ten famous brands in wei yu how to choose? How to repair the kitchen faucet?

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-23
The kitchen, the birthplace of the three meals a day, and should be attached sink faucet kitchen utensils, utilization rate is high, also makes our life convenient. We also should pay attention to when using water saving, but if the sink faucet, the end of the day do not know enough people who water shortage areas bath many times! So for the sink faucet problem, must be handled in time, then ten big brand how to choose sanitary ware, kitchen faucet how repair? Appollo sanitary ware manufacturer to you explain below.

1, first of all, the tap fasten first, the faucet in counterclockwise rotation with wrench.

2, the threaded hole to the outside, in with the wind in thread seal tape 5 - turn clockwise 6 times. Tied into the water to wrench clockwise direction, to check whether there is adjust the tap, and then after the installation is complete, open the main switch try, will confirm to see if leakage.

3, if it's leaking, the possible reasons are:

( 1) Outlet of leaky reason: that is caused due to the axis of the gasket in the tap wear. Use pliers will gland to turn loose and get off, take out axis of gasket to clip, put on the new axis of gasket.

( 2) To take over the joint leakage, is likely to be cap nut loose, then you can fasten cap nuts or change a new u-shaped seal.

( 3) Leading to lower aperture leakage reason: that's because gland within the triangle seal wear caused. Remove the tied head can turn the screw loose, then get gland removed, remove packing gland medial triangle, change into the new.

4, if it is in the rotation of the faucet switch places leaking or closed lax, generally is the interior of the faucet body damage, can change in time;

5, the joint of the faucet and feed pipe is leaking, need to use the tongs kind of tools to try to tighten a try, if it doesn't work, put the tap off, use teflon tape will to entangle the thread of faucet installed pipe wrench is not leaking again.

some people think the tap screw tightly will not leak, but it is not, correct method should be light on the light off, not too hard. The faucet should try not to knock against with hard objects. You should also know the way, if it is sink faucet leaks can be reference to the above method for repair.
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