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Open bath shop how to guide customers to clinch a deal? Just this three steps!

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-22
Sales need guidance, without a guide, there is no clear requirements, it will be difficult to buy.

a, understanding customer real demand

the general customers the demand for their have three conditions:

1. What is he don't know their real needs;

2. Know what your needs, but not sure, need professional advice;

3. What is very clear their own needs, even know what your needs, customers also can appear error in the expression, or don't want to early to express his real demand.

as a result, effective to find the customer's actual demand is very important. In the sales process, effective to find the customer's real needs to account for 30% of the time. Guide in many furniture building materials industry in the process of guide customers to buy, openings ask: 'your home decorate what style? I want to buy what kind of furniture? How much budget? 'No matter what industry, in also don't understand the customer's real idea when they are eager to introduce or recommend products, this is a kind of undesirable behavior. Effectively to find the customer purchase demand, must first understand the background of the customer, for example: decorate progress, decorate a style, building location, area, home for the elderly, children, like color, size, like elements, characteristics, budget, etc. ; Meet, of course, this is not a can learn so much, but in the process of introduction product, you have to constantly put forward appropriate statements related problem, until you understand their needs.

2, sell customers want products, rather than sell you want to sell the products

when buy a lot of people introduce products, always according to their own thinking to introduce, insisting that he thinks the selling point of worth buying. In fact, many times the selling point is not customer want. If a guide emphasises the selling point of take for granted, might lose many customers. Often buy a lot of furniture, for example, introduced the product, is the quality of our products is good, using the finest raw materials, ensure you use a decade will not bad, but he care for the customer really is this?

does not necessarily, some customers care about is your this product look and put in the home match not appropriate? Vary from person to person. Understand customer's real idea, so the introduction of targeted products is very important, you must according to the actual needs of customers, has the choice of key introduction, for the emphasis on customer demand point! Repeatedly! For those customers are not too concerned about the selling points, you can, but can't afford not to introduce, may you haven't noticed the real needs of customers, and the selling point of these with the may also make the customer shine at the moment.

3, stimulate customer purchase desire

stimulate customer purchase desire is to find the motivation of prospective customers to buy, with some imagination, life scenes of tracing, let customers, let customers get involved, let him in to buy after the good feeling, can effectively help you quickly clinch a deal. For example, when you introduce custom sanitary ware the ready-made products are invisible to the customer, you should not only give customers products also give him speak size collocation, also described his mount after the bath, if you can or want to give him the design renderings, let customers look beautiful, so as to stimulate customer purchase desire.
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