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Open bath shop to make money? Open bath shop can earn a year?

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-22

Open bath shop to make money? Open bath shop can earn a year? This is a lot of entrepreneurs to consider in preparation for the open bath shop. As people life quality rise, whether in bridal chamber is decorated, or secondary decoration, high quality sanitary wares are just need the product of consumers. So, open bath shop a year can earn much money? In this paper, a simple introduction for you. It is understood that in the ordinary high-end sanitary ware shop ping effect for 1 - retail 1. 50000 yuan, that is, a 100 - square - meter sanitary ware shops, the retail sales of 100 - a year 1. 5 million yuan. Minus the product cost, rent cost, labor costs, marketing costs, such as after-sales service costs, probably also earn 20 - year after year 300000 yuan.

 Open bath shop can earn a year? In addition, retail can meet engineering order, such as home decoration channel diversified marketing. Metaphorically speaking, open bath shop, store retail like intensively cultivated farmland, solve the problem of food and clothing, the rest of the time can also be hunting, hunting is not necessarily a game every day, but there may be a lot of harvest, one day is worth a month. So, open bath shop a year can earn? Not just a retail channel, also need to establish diversified channels. At present, the appollo sanitary hundreds of stores across the country, in addition to the terminal channel such as retail stores, engineering, decoration, the headquarters has established the line heaven cats, jingdong, small programs, such as electric business platform, through online to offline store drainage, also greatly promoted the plateau effect of the store. appollo intelligent toilet, shower room, bathroom cabinet, shower shower, bath crock bibcock hardware such as whole sanitary ware, provide consumers with one-stop high-end integrated bathroom solutions, in stores around the country, sales average family guest unit price ten thousand yuan everywhere. 

Open bath shop to make money? appollo new dealers, 100, 2019, without a doubt, it is the current target market for high-end sanitary requirements. If you're ready to open shop sanitary ware, appollo store design for you free, guiding decoration, opening plan full support, material support, etc. Open bath shop to make money? Open bath shop can earn a year? Through the above introduction, hope to be able to help you, online message, welcome to ask us for detailed information. Want to learn more about appollo contents that defend bath, open the appollo's official website
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