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Orthogonal shower bathroom ceiling material can be careless! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
In the past, people the impression of the ceiling is usually white. And the changing attitudes of people in fashion, modern decoration ceiling decoration gradually becomes more and more kinds, and the bathroom ceiling material also caused the attention of people. If want to decorate the ceiling of the room that defend bath, first, must understand clearly the bathroom ceiling material issue! Understand the advantages and characteristics of different bathroom ceiling materials, find their right decorate between wei yu. Plasterboard plasterboard for common bathroom ceiling material is one of the most commonly used materials in the interior ceiling decoration. The adornment of the different material is suitable for different space, also have a lot of different features. Bathroom ceiling material choice, first of all must be moistureproof, plasterboard is the feature of thermal insulation, flame retardant, light weight, sound-absorbing, etc. If want to use plasterboard as the bathroom ceiling materials, general use plasterboard of 600 * 600 size. Plasterboard besides can be installed between wei yu, also can choose in the study, bedroom, sitting room decoration. Rock wool board also can make the bathroom ceiling material in many modern architecture engineering, rock wool board is often used as decorative ceiling materials. In fact, as a modern shower room with rock wool board ceiling material effect is also very good, but the most obvious feature of the rock wool board is light weight, flame retardant, small coefficient of thermal conductivity, don't burn. In the modern interior ceiling decoration, the proportion of ceiling proportion between wei yu is bigger, need to pay attention to the use of materials, especially between wei yu in the wet state and other special situation for a long time, but the key is to see his be fond of, choose according to the knowledge of the bathroom ceiling material.
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